Subject: HMO property accelerator group starting in Jan 2019

I wanted to let you know about a very exciting new group mentorship programme that I'm starting on the 29th Jan.

I feel as though a lot of property investors get stuck after buying their first few investment properties. To me, there is no better way to deliver long term sustainable wealth than property investing.

It can also provide you a 6 figure income, that if built correctly, can help survive all economic climates.

This income can also help you escape the corporate world

on YOUR terms, when YOU choose to do so - Not when you are made to or can’t put up with it anymore.

History proves property is a winning investment vehicle and I have formed a programme that will replicate my HMO business model and help people achieve a lifestyle property business.

This group will include workshops, webinars and 1-2-1 coaching with me, an intense year long mentorship group where people grow together to build a vibrant HMO community.

I'm calling property professionals who have the means & capacity to take their investing to the next level but need help with the five principles of successful property entrepreneurship which are - 

• Gaining Clarity
• Building Key Relationships
• Knowing what Skills you need to succeed and gaining those skills
• Understanding how to use and find money
• Systems & Processes - to allow scale without using all of your time

Mastering these aspects WILL accelerate your property journey where ever you are in it.

This method has allowed me to replace a large corporate income and create freedom and I want to share this with you.

As mentioned above, our group starts on the 29th January. If you're interested to get more information, please do get in touch and we'll send you our group brochure.


Mike Frisby
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