Subject: Gaining clarity in order to raise finance for your property deals, I've got two videos for you today Friend

Did you know that one of the main principles of entrepreneurship is clarity.

Gaining clarity, setting objectives and goals is such a key part of property investment and it is something that people don't spend enough time focusing on and it really is very important.

Set daily, weekly and yearly goals and keep them visible.


When up-scaling your investments there is always going to be a need for funds, if you're lucky enough you'll have that 'pot' to hand but in most cases you'll need to work with JV funding partners.

If this is the case, make sure you have all your ducks in a row when meeting new people - CLARITY!

You need a strong profile, you need to be compliant and you NEED a plan - uncertainty will kill any confidence people have in you to deliver and safeguard their investments.

I've got two videos that you can look at below on my YouTube channel.

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