Subject: From a head scientist at AstraZeneca to co-editor of YPN Property Magazine, meet Raj Beri

Property Business Accelerator Podcast - 27th September 2021

In this episode of The Property Business Accelerator, I speak with Raj Beri (co-editor of YPN magazine) and full-time investor/mentor & coach.

Raj become a full time property investor without really planning to! His goal from early on in life was to become a scientist and with a degree and then PhD in Genetics, that is the course he pursued and for many years really enjoyed a great career in research with AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. Although he still enjoyed his job, towards the latter part of his time with AstraZeneca, he felt disillusioned with the lack of opportunities to expand his knowledge.

Fuelled by a life-long desire to ‘learn’, he stumbled into property investing. Following a few “novice investor” errors, he embarked on a course of action to learn how to invest with knowledge and skill, deploying the services of a number of successful property coaches and mentors along the way. With the right education and help, coupled with his own hard-work ethics and positive attitude, he was able to achieve financial freedom whilst still at work full time. The decision to leave AstraZeneca wasn’t his though  – he was offered job relocation or take voluntary redundancy. He choose the latter.

Raj & I pretty much started out in property at the same time and have followed a similar journey so really enjoyed catching up and chatting about both our journey’s into property, Raj’s best & worst projects and we also speak about our mutual strategy – social housing.

Another fantastic & inspirational episode for my podcast listeners viewers, enjoy & as always, if you enjoyed this episode do please be so kind as to send us your feedback or review the Podcast.

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