Subject: FREE HMO Commercial Finance Online Master Class for Investors

Complex Property Knowledge Made Simple, Direct from the Property 'Front-Line'

I wanted to offer you an invitation to my FREE event on Friday morning.

This online master class is geared towards Investors who already have a few properties and are looking to branch out into HMOs or existing Investors looking for advice to accelerate their funding journey.

The HMO Commercial Finance Master class is run by Myself along with my mortgage broker, Bruce Mainwaring.

Commercial Finance has helped me drive my business forward in terms of recycling cash & at this online event, I will go through various projects and explain the key points that have helped me become a prolific investor of HMOs on the South Coast.

I'm joined by my mortgage broker, Bruce who has been in the mortgage game for many years & has built up special relationships with lenders enabling him to help people like Me achieve the best out of their portfolio.

Between Myself & Bruce, you'll be able to find out about the best Commercial Finance products on the market for your HMOs.

As mentioned at the beginning , this is an opportunity for Investors who are at a more seasoned level than novice investors, the day would also pertain to investors who are looking at various forms of development finance at a higher end level.

Pre-covid, these events were ‘famed’ as they were run in the City on a Friday afternoon along with a Cheese & Wine Networking session afterwards. We thoroughly miss those days and long to continue in that format but until it’s safe again to do so, these will be running online and as a morning breakfast event due to Bruce being temporarily based in Australia.

These have always been chargeable events but we're offering these events to investors FREE OF CHARGE whilst they are run online, if you’d like to register your seat at the breakfast event on Friday morning, BOOK YOU TICKET ASAP.

Thanks and have a great day,

Mike Frisby
Property Investor, Developer, Strategist & Coach

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