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Join us at the 18th September pin meeting 
I am so looking forward to hearing Luke Spikes speak at the Regents Park pin where he will be sharing 33 years experience of starting and building businesses and will be sharing how to start down the path of turning your property ambitions into a dynamic, high-performing property business. 
Whether you are just starting out and yet to acquire your first property, or you’re a property veteran with an extensive portfolio there’s likely to be a tip, a tool or a technique you can start applying the very next day.

In Luke's fast paced and interactive presentation, you will learn:
* Why mind set matters and how to go about fine-tuning yours,
* The importance of being clear about your purpose,
* How visualisation can help improve performance and how * anyone can do it,
* That your goals and objectives can be whatever you want them to be, but to be effective they must be specific, measurable and time-bound,
* That sometimes doing less can help you accomplish more.

We also have a bonus speaker, Mike Bristow
Mike Bristow - CEO and Co-Founder of CrowdProperty will be talking about the dawn of technology-enabled alternative finance, which the UK leads the world in. 'Fintech' is breaking new boundaries and making financial services far more efficient and therefore more rewarding for customers.

During Mike’s presentation you will learn:
* What Alternative Finance is and why it’s the future of finance
* Why it benefits everyone (except the banks)
* How CrowdProperty is harnessing technology to change the property sector
* How CrowdProperty can help you build a better future

Tickets are available using the link below. Attend for free as my guest if you've not come to a meeting before by using the code 'frisby'. I look forward to seeing you there soon!

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