Subject: Building a commercially profitable enterprise with James Sinclair


Introducing James Sinclair - Serial Entrepreneur, 
Author, Speaker, Youtuber, Podcaster and Property 

Mike met James via Clubhouse recently and 
discovered that they had a mutual interest in business practice & property, 
James is the very definition of 'entrepreneur' so Mike jumped at the opportunity to have him on show.

In this episode, James shares his extraordinary 
journey which 
has led him from tying balloons for audiences as a teen
 to becoming a multiple business owner specialising in the kids/family 
entertainment arena.  

Starting at just 15/16 years old, James was earning a significant amount of money for his age, by the time he was 21 he had over 20 employees & had also saved enough money to put down a deposit on his 1st house at a very young age, this starting his interest into property investment.

As our regular listeners' will know, 
Mike loves to speak with 
people who combine business & property as for him, they run 
hand-in-hand and in this episode, Mike & James chat about:

* James's key to his success as an illustrious 
business owner Business in the pandemic &
* how to grow business during a pandemic - 
some key insights
* Both their property journey's and a few 
key tips for investors
* What book has made a massive impact in 
James’s life

Mike so enjoyed chatting with James, we hope 
that you enjoy this episode and as always, we appreciate your feedback so 
do please leave us a review!



Thanks and have a great day,

Mike Frisby
Property Investor, Developer, Strategist & Coach

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