Subject: Windows of Opportunity - ACT TODAY FOR A HEALTHIER CANADA!

Windows of Opportunity
for a Healthier Canada
Douglas Adams said, “I love deadlines – I love the whooshing sound as they fly by.”
Don’t let these whoosh by!
Once-in-a-generation opportunities to shift how Canada makes decisions are being considered, today. These laws, regulations, “rulebooks” and frameworks determine what is in our air, water, foods, farms, commercial products, homes, workplaces, schools, wild spaces, and our bodies – everywhere!
Canada needs to shift to least-toxic approaches. Today, we are exposed to harmful chemicals and radiation until the damages accumulate, studies are conducted and lengthy debates eventually conclude that new actions are merited, and after further delays modest steps may gradually cut back exposures. These may affect us immediately, or slowly accumulate and team up gradually to cause cancers and other conditions with common contributors.
Despite a wealth of evidence linking environmental exposures to detrimental health outcomes out-dated scientific frameworks delay actions, resulting in yet more damage to health and the environment. Persistent substances leave a toxic legacy for our children and grandchildren.
Substances interfering with hormone actions alter development, from the moment of conception throughout life, pre-disposing us to cancers and other conditions. We’ve proposed a Roadmap to address endocrine disruption.
For more information – a veritable course in the topic! – check out submissions by Prevent Cancer Now and partners.
#1 Tell the Environmental Assessment Consultation, your MP, and Ministers

We Need the Wisest possible Environmental Protections
The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, Canadian Environmental Protection Act and the Pest Control Products Act must be upgraded to:
1.     Recognize our right to a healthy environment.
2.     Require up-front comprehensive assessments, with the precautionary principle to protect even the most vulnerable.
3.     Require least-toxic approaches. Professionals use "best practices." It is not ok to permit all that is “good enough” until there is no doubt of harms occurring to the environment and peoples, and then to substitute with similar substances.
4.     Deal with complex, combined effects of chemicals and radiation, including endocrine disruption.
5.     Be nimble, requiring reassessments when new concerns arise.
6.     Be transparent – make public the detailed data for assessments and from monitoring.
7.     Restore protections to all navigable waterways – protection of waterways and shores is important for clean water and air, as well as ecosystem health and protection from flooding.
8.    Act on the substantive work of the EA Panel and Parliamentary Committee on CEPA.
This is important for NAFTA too! The marketplace will welcome Canadian products if we earn the reputation as trusted leaders in health, safety and environmental footprint, while polluters will claim that Canada is interfering with business as usual.

Write and talk to your MP - find your MP’s information here.

Express your concerns by September 15th in the Environmental Assessment consultation

Please also consider also writing to our Ministers and the Prime Minister
Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change
Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science
Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health
Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister
#2. Ask for a Moratorium on 5G wireless rollout until we have Health and Environmental Assessments, with consultation and peer review. Deadline September 15th, 2017

Look before we leap for 5G
Higher frequencies for wireless telecommunications are being developed as lower frequencies are saturated, and companies wish to supply more and faster data – for streaming videos, “internet of things,” virtual reality, etc. Industry, Science and Economic Development Canada (previously Industry Canada) is asking Canadians about the future of 5G.
This radiation is not naturally encountered as it is absorbed by the atmosphere. We have no information on long-term health effects, and “health” is not even mentioned in the consultation. Without considering health, how can the Government achieve its goal, “to maximize the economic and social benefits that Canadians derive from the use of the radio frequency spectrum resource”?
Wireless communications are exposing us all to exponentially escalating levels of radiofrequency radiation. Esteemed Canadian cancer researcher Dr. Anthony Miller is now certain that today’s frequencies cause cancer. What about tomorrow’s? Environmental Health Trust offers some insights. We don’t know yet, but we should find out before exposing every man, woman and child, every bird and bee, to 5G.
Antennae everywhere. Millimetre wavelengths penetrate buildings poorly, so require many more antennae and much greater overall power than television, radio, and older cellphone frequencies.  This can only work with removal of rights of municipalities, schools and citizens to refuse antenna placement.
With no long-term studies, there remain some troubling facts:
1.     5G radiation will largely be absorbed by the skin – our largest organ and the barrier against other harmful exposures.
2.     5G radiation is of similar wavelength to the thickness of skin; therefore a “standing wave” can occur within our skin. We do not know how this affects the skin in the long term, but experimental devices placed on the skin can communicate in this manner, without wires. 5G also interacts with sweat glands, that are important for toxin excretion as well as temperature control.

Email your comments by September 15th, 2017, to: 
Comments must be in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats;
Identify that your comments are for:
Canada Gazette, Part I, June, 2017, “Consultation on Releasing Millimetre Wave Spectrum to Support 5G”, notice reference number (SLPB- 001-17).
Here are some ideas:
1.  Call for a moratorium until comprehensive health studies of all frequency bands have been completed, with consultation and peer review. (Sections 6.3 and 7.2).
2.  Express concerns as above about potential impacts of these technologies, and loss of ability to avoid wireless radiation.
3.  Ask regulators to specify and require safest practices for any frequencies to be used in public.
4.  Earth-to-space and space-to-Earth systems should be minimized – used only for the most essential reasons if at all, and should be placed and operated to minimize off-target exposures (sections 6.5 and 7.4).

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