Subject: VOTE to Prevent Cancer and Climate Chaos

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VOTE for our future
Monday, October 21, 2019

Is it possible? Can we combat climate crises and ecological collapse while preventing cancers, chronic disease? YES!  … In fact, we must.
Here’s how to cast your VOTE
Primers on Platforms
Major Canadian groups have graded platforms and surveyed parties
Science is key to wise decisions, avoiding blind alleys, opportunistic “snake oil” and outright mistakes.
Canadian Municipal Leaders’ Climate Caucus
2019 Federal Election Report Card
Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Policy Tracker
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
How do the main parties compare on these issues?
Democracy Watch
Vote Strategically, or for Your Favourite Candidate?

Tragically, Canada is still saddled with the dysfunctional First Past the Post voting system. Who wouldn’t rather vote for the candidate you want most rather than to thwart those you want least?
If strategic voting is part of your reality, talk to your friends and neighbours, and check out and
Prevent Cancer Now works to prevent cancer before it starts, with research, education, and non-partisan advocacy to eliminate preventable contributors to cancer.

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