Subject: Prevent Cancer Now - pesticides updates and AGM invitation

Prevent Cancer Now Annual General Meeting
Meeting Invitation and Call for Volunteers
(September 22, 2016, 8pm Eastern Time, Online/via phone)

Do you have a passion for cancer prevention? Join us (it's free!) at Prevent Cancer Now, and email us for meeting details. Share in our latest actions and opportunities for cancer prevention.

You can also nominate yourself or another outstanding individual to volunteer for Prevent Cancer Now, including for the Board of Directors. Work with leaders in primary cancer prevention - experts in environmental health science and policy - to stop cancer before it starts! All are invited to volunteer. We are particularly in need of
youth, representatives from the coasts, and applicants with expertise in:
  • Science, medicine, environmental health or law;
  • Writing, communications and social networking;
  • Secretary and Treasurer roles;
  • Event organization;
  • Fundraising; and
  • Laughing, loving and a passion for least-toxic living.
To be eligible to be a Director, individuals must be 18 years of age or older and be a member of Prevent Cancer Now at the time of election (fill in the form here). Nominees may submit a short statement of interest, a brief biography relevant to the nomination and a CV, via email to

Members of the Board of Directors are required to prepare for and to attend a monthly meeting of approximately 1.5 hour duration. This Working Board commits to Prevent Cancer Now direction and ongoing activities, in a collaborative, supportive environment. Directors maintain liaisons with their constituencies and related experts. Proficiency in English is required; proficiency in French or other languages would be an asset.

Pesticides Updates:

Manitoba Consultation
Prevent Cancer Now responded to the new Manitoba government's consultation on pesticide restrictions for lawn care. Consultation was initiated after a single season - long before homeowners, or the lawn ecosystems, had time to make necessary adjustments.
It is premature to consider rolling back restrictions, but not too soon to include gardens and golf courses in the non-essential pesticides ban. This could put Manitoba in the lead for the best public health policy according to a report from the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment.
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) Details a National Patchwork of Protection from “Cosmetic” Pesticides

A report by CAPE highlights a patchwork of ‘cosmetic’ pesticides laws across Canada. Roughly a third of Canadians are well protected, and a third not protected at all from this non-essential use of pesticides. The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) gives the provinces of Ontario and Nova Scotia top marks for limiting pesticides to least-toxic products for urban landscapes; Quebec’s Pesticide Code protects children both indoors and outdoors, but only addresses lawns and not gardens; and west of Manitoba no province requires least-toxic options for landscaping.
     Eliminating non-essential pesticides is an easy step towards healthier environments for children, as chemicals used to control pests (weeds, insects, etc.), can have non-target effects. “Early life exposures to pesticides can change a child’s life-time trajectory, affecting development and increasing probability of chronic disease,” cautions Dr. Curtis Lavoie, emergency physician at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.
     Read PCN's full article here.
Citizen Scientist Volunteers Needed for Pesticides Project

Golf courses are exempt from "cosmetic" pesticides laws, but in Ontario the industry committed to reducing pesticide use with Integrated Pest Management. How are they doing? With 5 to 6 years of data, Prevent Cancer Now aims to find out! Help us extract the data, to see the successes and opportunities for improvement. This is perfect for high school science students' volunteer time. Even an hour or two can help a lot! Email to find out more.

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