Subject: Prevent Cancer Now - Sending Gratitude to the Frontlines

Sending Gratitude to the Front Lines
First, Prevent Cancer Now would like to send huge amounts of gratitude to all those who keep our medical system, food production and distribution and essential services going. 
You all rock!
Indeed we are living through extraordinary times not seen since the Spanish flu epidemic or the World Wars. During this very difficult period the Board of Prevent Cancer Now also sends its deepest wishes for your health and safety. If indeed you have contracted Covid-19 our hopes are for a rapid and full recovery. If you have experienced a loss we extend our deepest sympathy. 
Some Cancer Treatments On Hold

It has come to Prevent Cancer Now’s attention that across the country some previously scheduled cancer surgeries have been put on hold, except for serious surgeries dealing with brain tumours or involving limbs. We understand the incredible anxiety that people with cancers such as breast or colon cancer must be feeling. The wait to return to normalcy, or a new normal, is agonizing for everyone.
“What if cancer did not have to happen?” 

Prevent Cancer Now is the only science-based, civil society organization dedicated solely to primary cancer prevention. Many cancers do not have to occur, but until our chemical management, food and environmental policies are built on a foundation of solid scientific evidence, devoid of influential lobbying efforts by powerful corporations, cancer will continue to be a fact of life.

Prevent Cancer Now is working hard to bring thorough science to leaders and bureaucrats, addressing reviews of the Canadian Environmental Protection Assessment Act and the Chemicals Management Plan, the Pest Control Products Act, 5G wireless radiation, and food policy. Two  of our board members are spear-heading an environmental health information infrastructure, to aggregate environmental exposures for research with health data, with the goal to identify contributors to diseases across Canada.

Prevent Cancer Now
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P.S. We are also working on a new and inviting website on cancer prevention :)


Wash your hands and keep a bicycle length apart!

With gratitude,

 Prevent Cancer Now

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