Subject: Prevent Cancer Now ~ Annual General Meeting and Opportunities

Prevent Cancer Now
Annual Meeting and Opportunities

Prevent Cancer Now Annual General Meeting
June 8th, 2017 at 8:00 pm Eastern Time, Online

Let us welcome you to the annual open meeting of Prevent Cancer Now members. Membership is free to those who want to stop cancer before it starts – who support and agree with our mission, vision and work. Membership must be confirmed annually before the AGM. Please go here to join.

For more information please email:
Join Us!
- Call for Volunteers and Board Members -
Your Chance to Champion Cancer Prevention, and more

Prevent Cancer Now is 10 years strong ... PCN at 10 - you can be part of it!

 Prevent Cancer Now has evolved from a small, dedicated team convinced that most cancer can and should be prevented, to a national voice for cancer prevention based broadly on least-toxic approaches.

We need to grow and diversify our small team of Board Members, to improve effectiveness, and to cover multiple issues from coast to coast to coast. Tune in for first-hand updates on pesticides, radiation, chemical assessments and more, and to plan next steps.

Leading up to the June Annual General Meeting, we are calling for volunteers, including for positions on the working Board of Directors for Prevent Cancer Now.
-     Provincial/territorial representatives, so that PCN can help in your community;
-     Treasurer;
-     Writers, editors, designers and communications experts;
-     Topic enthusiasts/experts focused on certain toxicants (e.g. pesticides, agriculture and food, non-ionizing or ionizing radiation (wireless communications to nuclear waste), waste, chemicals in consumer products, water quality, air quality, fracking or bitumen extraction)
-      Topic enthusiasts/experts with a social focus (e.g. child health, occupational health);
-     Volunteers with legal and/or governance expertise;
-     Fundraisers and event organizers; and
-     Far from least, scientists and health care providers to join our international collaboration of experts, to ensure that our advice remains firmly at the cutting edge of the most credible science.

Our friends with the charity Hills of Erin Cancer Prevention Foundation are also seeking Board members, to raise money to stop cancer before it starts.

Email indicating your interests, and for further information.
Brief Update ... Join us June 8th, to learn more and to join the action!

Prevent Cancer Now's science is strong, but we've lots to do! In April 2017 the Public Health Agency of Canada reported that chronic disease incidence rates - age adjusted, so not due to the aging population - have been rising for decades. What's more, cancer now surpasses heart disease as Canada's #1 killer. Treatments swallow the majority of health care dollars, with costs rising faster than GDP. The World Health Organization tells us that child cancer rates are climbing too.

Cancer can arise from more than smoking, or being fat or lazy. Prevent Cancer Now is at the forefront speaking out on chemicals and radiation, and demanding high-quality science backing laws, regulations and permissions. Recently, along with noted Canadian scientists and the Canadian Environmental Law Association, Prevent Cancer Now provided a roadmap to declare chemicals that interfere with hormone actions (endocrine disruptors) to be inherently toxic under the law (Canadian Environmental Protection Act - CEPA).

With increasing scientific strength, we are instigating research. At an Earth Day meeting in Ottawa, academic and federal scientists agreed that researchers should pursue an national, collaborative Canadian Environmental Health Information Infrastructure (CEHII) to facilitate "connecting the dots" between toxicants and health.

Email for further information, and indicating your interests.
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Prevent Cancer Now is a Canadian national civil society organization including scientists, health professionals and citizens working to stop cancer before it starts, through research, education and advocacy
to eliminate preventable causes of cancer.

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