Subject: On the cusp of 2019

On the cusp of a New Year

Celebrate a long-sought victory
Plan ahead for cancer prevention in 2019
Thank you for your continuing support.

Today, we celebrate the beginning of Canada’s ban on the import, sale and use of asbestos and the manufacture, import, sale and use of products containing asbestos in Canada. Work continues, as exemptions continue for chemical processing and mineral recovery from tailings. Canada still lacks a registry of buildings containing asbestos.
Today, Prevent Cancer Now has knowledge of contributors to cancer, and a clear voice on science and policy. Here is a glimpse of our "to-do" list.

We work on our own and with other leaders, to bring the strongest, clearest science to the fore, on pesticides, petrochemicals, commercial chemicals, radiation (both nuclear and from wireless devices), industrial effluents, asbestos and more.
Adverse exposures can breach anyone’s vulnerabilities, so we celebrated when key measures were embodied in proposed legal amendments.

Climate change threatens the survival of civilization, and while wildfire smoke, impaired food production and stress contribute to cancers, there are many possible “wins” for both health and the climate. A few examples include:
o   Focused reductions in chemical uses and emissions,
o   Simpler local lifestyles and transportation,
o   Regenerative agriculture.

We await news of an independent panel to sleuth out the truth regarding Canada’s predominant herbicide, glyphosate (based on science and ethics).

Pesticides assessment methods and the future of re-assessments are in play.

Cannabis is legalised, but carcinogenic smoke will increasingly pollute multi-residential buildings.

We're fighting Ontario’s new government's dismantling of environmental health oversight and institutions, such as the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario and laws regarding toxic chemicals.

Nuclear energy and waste are being increasingly privatised, with oversight and waste disposal that defy international standards.

Science and evidence are being side-lined with populist rhetoric.
Embarking on 2019

Maintaining factual public debates will require constant fact-checking and communications.

Advancing health in the public domain requires:
  • clear, factual communication of science,
  • ongoing vigilance over regulators, and
  • promotion, committments to and passage of key legislation.
To go far, go together ~ for a healthier Canada

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With best wishes for health and happiness through 2019
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