Subject: Offer your 2 cents worth to prevent cancer ... time, money or both!

Offer your 2 cents to prevent cancer on "Giving Tuesday"
(something for Prevent Cancer Now would be great too!)

Today is “Giving Tuesday” so here are some chances for you to give your 2 cents, to prevent cancer. Watch out - some deadlines are close!
You still have a brief chance to comment on some of Canada's most important laws
Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA - December 1 deadline)
Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA - December 23).
Some ideas include:
- assessing needs and optimal solutions
- consider broad options  (e.g. "do nothing" or detoxing bitumen)
- accounting for low dose/concentration and combined effects of chemicals, and radiation
- rigorous, systematic scientific review
- taking care of the most most vulnerable
See our letter regarding scoping the CEAA review.
Ontario Energy Future (deadline December 16)
Comment using the Ontario Environmental Registry
You might suggest closing the Pickering nuclear power station (nuclear power went from 51% to 58% of electricity 2005-2015, with no plans to reduce it, per the National Energy Board (NEB).)
Check out thoughts from our friends at the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.
Flame Retardants are in 'way too many products, and the persistent toxins are even in seals! Deadline December 7.
Check out our summary of some issues, the new Endocrine Disruptors Action Group, and  a letter asking hard questions.
Canada's Agricultural Framework could be improved with more attention to organic agriculture. One day we may become an Organic Nation!
The deadline is November 30.
With luck you may have a few pennies (or nickels) left ... as Canada's only civil society organization focused on primary cancer prevention, with a budget far less than one percent of major cancer organization budgets, Prevent Cancer Now will put your donation to good use!
Meg Sears PhD, Chair Prevent Cancer Now

How wonderful is it when something doesn't happen ... when "something" is cancer?
Check out our weekly Cancer Prevention Tips!
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