Subject: Making History in International Court and Medical Education - Watch, Learn and Act for Safe Tech

Historic Week for Safe Telecommunications

Watch (Jan 25), Learn (Jan 28-31) and Act!

Environmental Health Trust et al. is challenging the US Federal Communications Commission's 25 years of permitting unsafe exposure to radiation from wireless devices. EHT et al. will be in the US federal court, January 25th.

Download extensive evidence of harms from todays exposures.

Watch live in the US federal court, from 9:30 ET on.

Canada uses the same technologies!


Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF Associated Illness
January 28 - 31, 2021

Accredited for

19.5 Continuing Medical Education hours

Canadians use the same wireless technology as is being challenged in US federal court for being unsafe.

Sign the Appeal for Safer, Faster, Reliable Fibre Optic Technology in Canada.

The Appeal website includes scientific discussions, resources and tools to reach out to the Federal Government, and to work with your MP.

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How wonderful is it when something doesn't happen ... when "something" is cancer?

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