Subject: Lets Harvest 2017 Fruits of 2016 Cancer Prevention Work

Highlighting the need for earlier prevention

Asbestos – a carcinogen known for generations, will finally be banned, though effects will reverberate
for decades, with ubiquitous residues and delayed illnesses in workers, firefighters and families. 

Prevent Cancer Now summarized issues here, and tips the hat to Kathleen Ruff who doggedly pursued the tortuous scientific skullduggery and politics over the years, at Right On Canada.
2016 was packed with actions for cancer prevention
Putting healthiest options in central attention
Prevent Cancer Now advised on plastics and beads,
Nuclear, nano, pesticides and seeds.
The feds started asking big questions of “how”
To assess and protect health and environment now,
Modern science disproved the assumptions of old
Small doses can harm; in combo, multi-fold.
Our central theme was to choose best options
With safety proved before market adoption
Make safest, sustainable choices the norm
Stop the parade of toxic substitutes (found even in newborns!)
Decision-makers fed nonsense can be rather naive
When environmental or chemical info they believe
Is neither rigorous nor supported by data
But our scientists protest saying, “wait a

Change will come with careful work,
For science free of muck and murk
A 2017 goal is legislative adoption
Of broad standards for least-toxic options
And this isn’t all …

Prevent Cancer Now has a vision one day science will
Connect health and environment data until
With a “big data” platform we’ll no longer hear,
“There is little evidence that anything makes you sick my dear.”
National researchers will be pooling their brains
Aiming for big environmental health gains.

We frequently share talks, tips and logic
We all can be scientists - you can help! Just a few hours will take us far, on a golf pesticides project.
Stay tuned for more Citizen Scientist opportunities!
We give thanks for support all the year long
We’d love help now, to start the year strong!

With best wishes for health and happiness in 2017,
from all of us at Prevent Cancer Now!


How wonderful is it when something doesn't happen ... when "something" is cancer?
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