Subject: Hills of Erin Cancer Prevention Foundation 2019 Annual General Meeting

Sasha Panarin @alexjweast

Annual General Meeting - Tuesday December 22, 2020

via Zoom, 7pm ET


The Board of the Hills of Erin Cancer Prevention Foundation is pleased to invite you to their 2019 Annual General Meeting.

The Board is very grateful for the donations made to the Foundation. Donations allow the Hills of Erin to carry on the work of its founders - namely to prevent cancer from occurring in the first place.

Join us on December 22nd and find out what projects the Hills of Erin has supported.

RSVP and we will send you the login and other pertinent information.

We look forward to connecting. Until then, stay within your bubble, wear a mask, wash your hands and practise social distancing to protect yourself, others and, of course, our essential workers from COVID19.

The Board of the Hills of Erin Cancer Prevention Foundation.

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Daily exercise, whatever mode, is not only good for physical health but mental well-being, too. This is especially true, now, during COVID 19 pandemic.


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