Subject: Help to ban "bee-killers"

Help to ban ALL neonics -
save the bees!
A Message from Diana Daghofer

With the cooler weather here, I love to spend time in my cozy kitchen, cooking up some of the lovely produce my garden and local farmers’ market have provided. As a breast-cancer survivor, I’m careful about the source of my food, and think about all the pesticides and other petroleum based chemicals in our food supply. It starts with the very source of our food – the bees that pollinate all of our healthy fruits and vegetables. PCN is concerned about them too.

You have probably heard about neonicotinoid insecticides – “neonics” are the “bee-killing” pesticides that have been in the media a lot lately. They are banned in France and increasingly restricted in the European Union. Insects are essential to our lives, yet in October 2017 German researchers reported a 75% decline in flying insects over 27 years.

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency is considering banning up to three of the six neonics on the market in Canada. PCN has submitted reports to Health Canada and Parliamentary Committees calling for better science, and the phase-out of all neonicotinoid-like insecticides. You see, when the regulations ban a certain chemical, like the neonic imidacloprid, manufacturers often substitute similar ones. We think the whole toxic family needs to go!
See Prevent Cancer Now submissions here, and contact Prevent Cancer Now at to find out more about our efforts to ban neonicotinoid insecticides - the whole toxic family!
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PCN’s volunteers work hard to research and write briefs to Health Canada and other regulators, but with your support, we could do even more. Will you consider chipping in $10, $20 or $50 to pay for skilled research, writing, editing and communications of our scientific and plain-language resources?

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