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Jo Mamma Challenge Themselves... and You!
Cancer, the BC Bike Race, and Cancer Prevention
Diana Daghofer has conquered many challenges in her life. “The BC Bike Race is by far the most challenging physical feat I have ever attempted (300 km of mountain biking, climbing over 10,000 metres in 7 consecutive days along BC’s mountainous coastline), but ten years ago, I faced a very different and way more serious challenge – breast cancer.”
How do the two compare? “A good attitude, strong support system and physical fitness are important in both.” Diana relied on humour and as much physical activity as she could handle to get through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal treatments. When diagnosed, she set to getting into the best physical condition she could to handle the treatment ahead, and throughout treatment she ran, swam and rode her bike as much as she could. Three weeks after finishing chemotherapy, she completed her first mini- triathlon, a ‘try-a-tri.’
Diana is now nearing the end of almost a full year of training for the BC Bike Race. Alongside her daughter, Joanna Reardon, the Jo Mamma team will be riding among 600 competitors from 36 countries in what is internationally recognized as one of the most intense mountain bike races around. Is she ready? “I’ve ridden close to the heights and lengths of the longest BCBR days, tested out some of the stages, lifted thousands of pounds of weights, done hundreds of burpies, push-ups and umpteen other moves in the gym. I’m as ready as I will ever be!”
Not only does physical activity limit the side effects of treatment, exercise is an important element in cancer prevention. This race may be taking it a bit far (!!), but Diana is committed to doing it, and wants to make it far more than simply a personal sports goal. “I’m combining this race with another passion of mine – cancer prevention. There is so much we can do to prevent cancer, and so little focus on the prevention side – still!”
Diana is hoping to raise $5,000 for Prevent Cancer Now. “That’s fifty cents per metre of climbing. I hate to even think how few pennies that amounts to per hour of training!” Not too lofty a goal for the momentous and valuable task of preventing our loved ones from getting cancer.
Prevent Cancer Now will devote the funds to its ongoing communications and advocacy work, and original research projects, such as Ontario golf course pesticide reductions, and investigation of a persistent, toxic chemical from neonicotinoids (the “bee-killing” pesticides) breaking down in the environment – 2-chloropyridine.
So please support Diana’s efforts, and support cancer prevention.
·       To donate directly to Prevent Cancer Now’s advocacy work (which is not eligible for a tax receipt), please donate via this secure website, or send your cheque to:
Prevent Cancer Now, P.O. Box 23057 Springbank, Woodstock, Ontario  N4T 1R0.
·       For a tax receipt, please donate via the Hills of Erin Cancer Prevention Foundation, here. Click on “General Fund” and switch to “BC Bike Race Cancer Prevention Challenge.”
If you would like to learn more about the Jo Mamma journey (including Diana’s rather surprising and reluctant entry into this event), please read their team blog: Riding Bikes and Crushing Goals.
Thanks so much for your generous support!
Your Chance to Champion Cancer Prevention
- Call for Volunteers and Board Members -
In 2017, Prevent Cancer Now will be 10 years old! PCN at 10. Wow. How will we mark this occasion? You can be part of it.

 Prevent Cancer Now has evolved from a small, dedicated team convinced that a majority of cancer can and should be prevented, to a national voice for cancer prevention with least-toxic approaches. We have gained scientific strength, to the point that we are conducting original research. Now our small team of Board Members needs to be fleshed out to improve effectiveness, and to cover multiple issues from coast to coast to coast.  … and of course to mark 10 years!

In the lead-up to the August Annual General Meeting, we are calling for volunteers, including for Board positions.
-        Provincial/territorial representatives, so that PCN can help in your communities;
-        Writers, editors, designers and communications experts;
-        Topic enthusiasts/experts focused on toxicants (e.g. pesticides, agriculture and food, radiofrequency radiation, waste, pollution, chemicals in consumer products, water and air quality, fracking or bitumen extraction), or with a social focus (e.g. child health, diverse determinants of health) … your imagination is the limit!;
-        Legal and accounting expertise;
-        Fundraisers;
-        Event organizers;
-        Far from least, scientists and physicians to join our international collaboration of experts, to ensure that our work remains firmly at the cutting edge of the most credible science.

Our friends at the charity Hills of Erin Cancer Prevention Foundation are also seeking help to raise money, to stop cancer before it starts.

Email indicating your interests, and for more information.

REMINDER: Help Wanted for PCN Golf Course Pesticides Analysis
We need help to dig into the Ontario IPM data! If you have an hour or two to spare, or if you are looking for a worthwhile volunteering opportunity, please email
P.O. Box 86058 Marda Loop, T2T 6B7, Calgary, Canada
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