Subject: “Give ‘er” for Cancer Prevention

Give ‘er for Cancer Prevention

Here in the Ottawa Valley folks assess a situation, figure out a strategy, then call, “Give ‘er!” It is a call to action. Put your shoulder to the task. Lift your corner, push or pull as hard as you can. Rev the tractor, pull the truck out of the mud. 

At Prevent Cancer Now, we give ‘er every day. With strong health scientists on our nimble team, we apply the best science for a single goal:

Make Prevention the Cure for Cancer.

Despite strong corporate voices, our “least toxic” approaches are being heard, and echoed by others. In federal multi-stakeholder meetings we argued that regulators' “Performance Measurement” must reflect the health of Canadians. Success is not merely checking off chemicals. This theme runs throughout our Submissions.

Prevent Cancer Now calls for:

A shift to sustainable, organic agriculture. Prevent Cancer Now regularly comments on pesticides, and along with others, objected to re-registration of glyphosate. (Breaking news - the EU just granted another 5 years of registration. Monsanto wanted 15 years. France plans for a ban in 3 years).

An end to “bee-killing” neonic insecticides, to save the bees and to curb persistent, toxic breakdown products.


Least-toxic, low-energy tech. 5G technology is so inefficient that multiple radios are required every block. Health effects of this higher frequency radiation are untested. Minimize risks with today's tech  cancer hazards are real. Use cables – they are safer, and contribute less to climate change.


Least-toxic pest control on lawns and gardens, as we reasoned and advocated for in Alberta.


Protection for tenants from first-, second- and third-hand smoke, whether from cannabis, tobacco or other products. Cannabis submissions (e.g. to the Alberta Cannabis Secretariat) recommend the highest public health principle – hazard elimination – to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases by banning all smoking in multi-residential buildings. We also advocate for plain packaging with health warnings, and education and training regarding harms of smoking to smokers and bystanders, including children.


Following reviews of Environmental Laws, in particular the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2018 will bring rare chance to change fundamentally how Canada regulates hazardous exposures. Cancer develops when cells respond to the wrong signals. Our Roadmap for Endocrine Disruptors would curtail modern chemicals that disrupt normal signals.

What better gift is there, than health? 

With thanks for so many caring people,

Meg Sears PhD
Chair, Prevent Cancer Now
in the Ottawa Valley

Prevent Cancer Now is a Canadian civil society organization that works
 to prevent cancer before it starts, 
 with research, education and advocacy.
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