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First, some important updates!
Save the Independent Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Ontario's omnibus Bill 57 schedule 15, introduced on November 15th, would roll the ECO into the office of the Auditor General, who would direct activities.
This would remove autonomy, independence and capacity for Ontario's strongest, clearest voice for the environment, pollution prevention and blunting of climate change.

Since 1993, under Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR), the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) has been an independent, non-partisan officer of the Ontario Legislature, to protect Ontario's vast environment and human health. The ECO watches over the air, water and earth, and all that lives here, from the Great Lakes to the south, through industrial, urban, rural agricultural, extractive industries and natural lands; over the lakes, rivers and wetlands, and the critically important boreal forest. The ECO has reported and brought action on pollution, protection of the natural environment, climate change, energy conservation, waste, and more, with clear analyses and opportunities for action.

The ECOs specialized staff have informed and empowered Ontarians to exercise effectively their legal rights under the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR), to safeguard the environment and public health and safety. (Find excellent reports and resources on the website)

The ECOs evidence-based annual and special investigative reports to the legislature have detailed reasons for failures, and opportunities to improve and strengthen Ontario’s environmental protections. Bill 57 follows closely on reports on climate action (following scrapping of Ontario's cap and trade program) in September and a sweeping "Back to Basics" report on November 13th.

The ECO holds all Ministries accountable to their Statements of Environmental Values under the EBR.

If you live in Ontario, take action by calling and writing to your MP and Premier Ford, asking to preserve the independent ECO and EBR, intact. We'd rather support the environment and save money by preventing diseases and disasters.

If you care for environmental health and the future, please sign the petition here:
Pesticides Updates

Objection to glyphosate (Roundup) registration, in the wake of the "Monsanto Papers"
Under the legal leadership of Ecojustice, Prevent Cancer Now is a member of a coalition challenging the registration of glyphosate. This herbicide is the only pesticide with more than 25 million kilograms sold annually in Canada. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) found glyphosate is probably carcinogenic in humans based on limited evidence for non-Hodgkin lymphoma and strong evidence in animals. A California jury awarded pesticide applicator Dewayne Lee Johnson $289 million from Monsanto because he developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Upon appeal, the judge confirmed the guilty verdict but reduced the award to $39 million. Bayer plans to appeal. Trial documents, including scientific evidence and transcripts, can be viewed on the law firm's website.
Coalition, including Prevent Cancer Now, calls for prompt action on neonicotinoid insecticides.
Many important effects such as cascading ecological effects on birds, as well as endocrine disruption were absent in the recent assessment finding two more neonicotinoid insecticides are threatening insects and should be phased out. Several more similar chemicals await further assessment. Health Canada's piece-meal actions are insufficient and the proposed 3-5 year phase-out is contrary to the Pest Control Products Act. Read more in the submission. (Pictured, Sandra Madray's organic garden nurtures an abundance of pollinating insects.)
Prevent Cancer Now
Annual Meeting and Opportunities
Annual General Meeting
December 4th, 2018 at 7:30 pm Eastern Time, Online

Let us welcome you to the annual open meeting of Prevent Cancer Now members. Membership is free to all those who want to stop cancer before it starts – who support our mission, vision and work. Please confirm membership before the AGM here, and email Info@PreventCancerNow.cafor further information.
- Call for Board Members -
Your Chance to Champion Cancer Prevention, and more
 Prevent Cancer Now evolved from a dedicated group convinced that most cancer can and should be prevented, to a national voice for cancer prevention based broadly on least-toxic approaches.

We need to grow and diversify our small team of Board Members and volunteers, to improve effectiveness, and to cover multiple issues from coast to coast to coast. Tune in for first-hand updates, most recently to:
... and to plan next steps!

Be a Leader in 2019
Volunteer to Prevent Cancer Now!

In time for the Annual General Meeting we seek volunteers, including for the working Board of Directors for Prevent Cancer Now.

Who should step up?
-     Look in the mirror - do you have a passion for cancer prevention?
-     Provincial and territorial reps can bring the voice of PCN to your communities
-     Those with skills in finances, administration, communications and design
-     Topic specialists on issues such as pesticides, agriculture and food, chemicals in consumer products, radiation (e.g., wireless communications to radioactive waste), climate change, waste, petrochemicals, ... propose your topic!
-     Experts and advocates with a social focus (e.g., child or occupational health);
-     Legal and governance experts;
-     Fundraisers and event organizers; and
-     Far from least, scientists and health care providers to join our international collaboration of experts. You can help to ensure that our advice remains firmly at the cutting edge of the most credible science.

Cancer is not just from smoking, or being fat or lazy. Prevent Cancer Now is at the forefront speaking out on chemicals and radiation, and demanding high-quality science backing laws, regulations and permissions.

Our sister charity also seeks board members
- Hills of Erin Cancer Prevention Foundation 

Email to share your interests, and for further information.

Join us December 4th, to learn more and to join the action!

Prevent Cancer Now is a Canadian civil society organization including scientists, health professionals and citizens working to stop cancer before it starts, through research, education and advocacy, to eliminate preventable contributors to cancer.
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