Subject: Canadians Rethinking Cancer Win Prevention Award

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Halifax Project Wins Cancer Prevention Award
As every cook knows, the magic is in both the ingredients and the mixtures. Cancer is a multi-factorial environmental disease, and whether or not it develops or progresses depends upon cumulative exposures – both adverse and beneficial. Consideration of a broad range of effects is not how regulators work. Yet. An international team of researchers for the Halifax Project is lighting the way with inspired, fundamental scientific approaches, for a healthier world.
On Earth Day 2016, Prevent Cancer Now announced that the Halifax Project (subtitled “Rethinking Cancer”) is to be the recipient of the Group Cancer Prevention Award - 2015.
Writing to co-founders Dr. Leroy Lowe and Dr. Michael Gilbertson, we stated:
“… your visionary and rigorous scientific leadership, elucidating Hallmarks of Cancer – pathways and contributors that culminate in cancer – underlies our work at Prevent Cancer Now.
“...  You were a unanimous choice amongst our Board of Directors to receive this honour.”
Canadians Lowe and Gilbertson are convinced that once understood, the complexities of cancer will hold the keys to identifying both how to prevent it, and better treatments.
An important issue is that narrow, blinkered scientific frameworks continue to be used to pinpoint cancer-causing agents, and treatment research suffers similarly.
The vision, “Getting to Know Cancer” was launched in Halifax in 2013, and was embraced by hundreds of other prominent scientists around the globe. With extraordinary scientific leadership and wisdom, Lowe and Gilbertson are leading a reframing of cancer.
To start, the Hallmarks of Cancer (e.g. genomic instability, uncontrolled growth, etc.) were scoped, and teams were formed to examine the Hallmarks from the point of view of:
·       environmental contributors to cancer, as well as
·       beneficial exposures (primarily diet) that may prevent occurrence or progression, or even foster cure.
The Halifax Project has now published two seminal series of research papers by 350 researchers from 31 countries, in peer-reviewed journals:
This outstanding work is gaining attention in the U.S.
·       The US National Institute of Environmental Health Science hosted a symposium featuring the Halifax Project.
·       An upcoming meeting hosted by the Environmental Working Group, May 3rd, 2016 in San Francisco Rethinking Chemicals and Cancer is bringing together leaders from academia, government agencies and non-profit organizations.   
As the word of the award spread among scientists, accolades poured in from around the world, expressing hopes that this work will translate into changes on the ground, in everyday lives. Prevent Cancer Now is committed to this shift to least-toxic approaches in all decision-making here in Canada.
Prevent Cancer Now is a Canadian national civil society organization including scientists, health professionals and citizens working to stop cancer before it starts, through research, education and advocacy to eliminate preventable causes of cancer.
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