Subject: ALERT - Cell Phone Cancer Study - Noon Briefing

ALERT: Noon Telebriefing from US National Toxicology Program
Cell Phone Radiation Causes Rare Brain and Heart Cancers in Large US Government Rodent Study
April 27th, 2016
For Immediate Release
The US National Toxicology Program released its first long-awaited report May 27th, 2016. A Telebriefing is scheduled for 12 noon.
Key Points:
·       Radiation mimicking cell phones caused increased gliomas (brain cancer) and
schwannomas in the hearts of male rats.
·       Schwannomas increased with dose, strengthening the result.
·       The largest, most expensive independent study of cancers in rodents cost 25 million US$. Results were expected in 2014.
·       Two expert panels reviewed pathology.
·       In February, the CBTRUS (Central Brain Tumor Registry of the US) reported that brain tumours are now the leading type of cancer in adolescents. Previously leukemia and lymphoma were considered to be the most frequently diagnosed. Rates of cancers associated with cell phones are increasing; especially the most aggressive forms. See HERE for further information.
Quotes from Meg Sears PhD, Chair Prevent Cancer Now:
“Today’s results in rats, and the February CBTRUS report that aggressive brain tumours are increasing in young people, are damning evidence that cell phone radiation can cause cancer. There are many ways to reduce risk by using wired options, and safer-tech practices.”
“The mounting evidence that wireless radiation is harmful should inspire judicious use of devices by individuals, and smarter choices of technology in homes, schools, workplaces and public spaces. The next wave of IT needs to keep signals in cables.”
For more information, please contact:
Meg Sears, PhD
Chair and Science Advisor, Prevent Cancer Now
613 297-6042
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