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So as you know we've faced some spam issues with our external newsletter. To escape this digital exile, we need to show a high level of engagement with all the future newsletters that will be distributed, starting with this one!

To make this task (hopefully) a bit more entertaining, I've decided to use it as an opportunity to share some interesting, as well as concerning things I've come across recently. If you like this format, we can turn this experiment into a series where everyone has the opportunity to share their perspective🤓


Putin's Palace: History of World's Largest Bribe

Kicking off this newsletter with another fun story from the Motherland. Over the last few weeks, thousands of Russians have taken part in unauthorised protests calling for the release of jailed Alexei Navalny. Navalny is the leader of the Russian opposition who, at the end of 2020, survived the attempt to kill him with "Novichok" the same nerve agent used in the Salisbury Poisoning. Upon arrival in Moscow from Germany, where he spent months recovering from the near-fatal incident, Alexei was welcomed back home and promised to have the attack on him investigated was arrested and later jailed for 3 years. So what was the reason behind all of that? Shortly after his arrest, Navalny's team released a video investigation claiming that Vladimir Putin had spent illicit money on the extravagant Black Sea Palace, occupying the territory 39 times the size of Monaco. The investigation alleges that the property cost £1 billion and was paid for "with the largest bribe in history". The video (has English subs) is 2 hours long but you can jump to 54 min to see what's inside the palace. My favourite parts are an underground hockey stadium, a full-sized theatre, and a strip club. Let me know what's yours:)))

Creepy Rejuvenation Technology

I've recently come across a disturbing laboratory technique called parabiosis. In the early 2000s a group of scientists took two living mice, young and old, peeled back their skin and stitched together their sides so the two animals shared the same blood circulatory system. A month later, it was observed that the old mouse experienced a biological reversal of ageing: its organs, including the brain and heart, grew younger. And reversely, young mouse experienced accelerated ageing. Currently, there are several biotech start-ups that are addressing healthy ageing and longevity using technologies developed on the back of parabiosis: Elevian, Alkahest and Ambrosia (now shut down). Interestingly, our Magnetic Blood Filtration could potentially be used to enable some of these technologies. At least that's what one of our potential investors, whose portfolio consists of companies operating in this field, expects.

Kintsugi: New Quarantine Hobby To Try

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with a mixture of lacquer and powdered gold, silver, or platinum. The breakage is seen as a unique part of the object's history, which adds to its value and beauty. I think it's a great philosophy to embrace and project on our own lives. Or, if you are not in the same mood as my inner philosopher, it is a fun activity to try out during the lockdown. Here are the two options you can choose from depending on how serious you want to go: beginner or advanced beginner (who is also willing to spend £115...).

Clubhouse App: The Latest Silicon Valley Obsession

Clubhouse is a new invite-only social networking app based on audio-chat. It recently exploded in popularity after Elon Musk appeared on the app, by joining one of the conversation rooms to talk about Mars, memes, and becoming a multiplanet species.

The app lets you create and join "rooms" - where you can chat with others in a conference call. You cannot send images or texts, all you can do is talk. Think of it like being at the party and casually jumping (or just listening to) into conversations with other people, including celebrities like Elon Mask, Mark Zuckerberg, or Drake. The rooms cover everything and anything, from music impromptu sessions to the discussions on the future of investment.


A memoir of Henry Marsh, English neurosurgeon, in which he talks about the highs and lows of operating a human brain. How does it feel to be responsible for not only someone's survival but also life?

Essential read for everyone who is stressed about the state of the world. A cognitive scientist, Steven Pinker, shows that health, prosperity, safety, peace, and happiness have tended to rise worldwide; and explains the cognitive science of why this progress should be appreciated.

A Gentleman In Moscow

The story on how to lose everything you own but find understanding of what it means to be a man of purpose.

"...adversity presents itself in many forms, and if a man does not master his circumstances, then he is bound to be mastered by them."


When three teenagers meet by chance and discover they're identical triplets separated at birth, they're delighted - until their true story emerges.

A twisted criminal's gruesome videos drive a group of amateur online sleuths to launch a risky manhunt that brings them into a dark underworld.

“My generation has become so obsessed with starting the rest of their lives that they’re willing to give up the one they are currently living.”

A famous comedy special that supposedly caused 120,000 break-ups and 300 divorces.

In a 1950s orphanage, a young girl reveals an astonishing talent for chess and begins an unlikely journey to stardom while grappling with addiction.

Fun fact: Russian chess legend Garry Kasparov was consulted by the creators to ensure game play was accurate and compelling.


The choice of the following board games was dictated by my recent self-proclaimed mission to embrace deep and meaningful communication 🙃. Conversation Menus and We Are Not Really Strangers will be a great addition to a cozy dinner party with some of your closest friends. These games are based on a series of questions that invite you to open up about themes such as love, money, travel ambition, self-knowledge and the meaning of life. If you're not in the mood to open up, you can try Avalon instead. Disclaimer: this game is potentially destructive to your friendships since it is a strategy based on deception and betrayal...


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