Subject: Adapting to a new reality


  • Magnetic Mixer and Method Patent Granted
  • New Website Launched
  • Online Conferences 
  • COVID-19 Response
  • Meet our employee
The "New Normal" 
Adapting to a new reality
It is undeniable that 2020 has not had the smoothest start. At MediSieve we believe that even during these harder times it is important to stay connected and to let everyone know what we have been up to. The COVID-19 epidemic is forcing us all to make changes to the way we work, and MediSieve is no different. We are all working from home as much as possible, and we have adapted our Lab timetable to minimise close contact between staff members while still enabling experiments to be performed safely. These changes ensure the safety of the team while allowing us to continue developing our life-saving technology. We continue to work hard on the objectives we set for this year and hope to come through this period stronger and better than ever.
New Patent Granted
MediSieve have had a second patent granted in the US, protecting the concept for a Magnetic Mixing device, which can be used to increase the binding efficiency between our magnetic particles and their targets in a patient’s bloodstream. This application was filed in 2017 and was granted by the US patent office this month; it is still pending in other jurisdictions around the world. This is an important step following the grant of our first patent in 2019, further solidifying our Intellectual Property position.
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Brand New Website
We have completely redesigned our website this February, providing viewers with a platform where they can learn more about MediSieve's technology and team. You can access the pipeline page to see our current stage of development, watch our brand new 3D animation video explaining magnetic blood filtration steps, and much more. Please check it out and let us know what you think!
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MediSieve Attends Digital Conferences
With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many events have been cancelled or postponed, including the Deep Tech Week in Paris and Med-Tech Innovation Expo in Birmingham. In times like this it is important to find ways to adapt to the "new normal" and stay connected to the community. We will do so by attending online events, starting with BioTrinity 2020 (28 April to 1 May), OBN’s flagship event and one of the Biotech industry's major gatherings, during which our CEO will be giving a 10-minute presentation on MediSieve. We’ll be looking to meet with potential partners and investors, so please get in touch if you are interested in meeting with us!
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COVID-19 Response
Recent clinical data has shown that >50 per cent of hospitalised COVID-19 patients develop cytokine storm syndromes, and that these are a major driver of mortality. The treatment of cytokine storms is one of the areas we are targeting with our magnetic blood filtration technology, which could be used to remove of IL-6, a major inflammatory cytokine which drives dysregulated immune responses. While we are not yet ready to trial this on humans, the current pandemic is extra motivation for us to work even harder on our technology in order to make it available to the world as soon as we can. The current pandemic is a stark reminder to us all of the importance of our work and its potential impact.
In the meantime, we are trying to support the local community by offering access to our 3D printers and sending spare PPE gear to local hospitals. Our international team have also translated the ViralKindness self-isolating postcards, which we are spreading via our social media channels.
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MediSieve Faces 
MediSieve is working on creating a novel blood filtration technology that will be the first of its kind. But what truly sets us apart from other companies is our people. Meet the individuals who are transforming our dream of eliminating the burden of blood-borne diseases into reality:
Dr Kerstin Stegmann
Nationality: German/British
Joined: April 2019

What are your responsibilities within MediSieve?
- My responsibilities encompass the malaria and sepsis projects, as well as in-house biocompatibility testing of the MediSieve Filter and MediSieve Particles. Further, I am involved in the immunological and microbiological aspects of different projects, working on implementing new methods such as flow cytometry.

What originally drew you to MediSieve?
About 6 years ago, while researching malaria, I crossed paths with George Frodsham. When I first met him George was working on his PhD thesis, thesis which he would turn into reality through MediSieve. I immediately found George’s idea of designing a magnetic blood filtration system as a way of treating blood-borne diseases inspirational. At that point I was convinced that it would make a real difference in the medical world. I was so impressed by George’s idea that when I decided to leave academic research I jumped at the opportunity of joining MediSieve as an Immunologist/Microbiologist. Working for MediSieve has been an incredibly rewarding experience and I’m extremely excited to continue seeing and contributing to the company’s growth.

What do you like most about working here?
Working in a small, tight knit team such as this one has been something I greatly enjoyed. This is because the small team allowed us to create a sense of community that makes everyone’s work crucial to our success thus making me feel like my work had a greater impact. Moreover, it is great to be surrounded by people with different cultural and educational backgrounds, as such diversity drives innovation and creativity within the company.

"Imagine a world where doctors are able to target and remove infected cells, pathogens, toxins, or even viruses directly from a patient’s bloodstream."
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