United Nations Day - 2008

October 26th, 2008 at 8:29 pm CST

United Nations Day – 2008

A 63 year old Shell Game

Three score and three years ago (24 Oct 1945), a motley collection of communists, atheists, Darwinians, social engineers and Utopians cobbled together an international agency designed, we were told, “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.”

Or, so we were told.

The fact is, the United Nations was designed and intended to be the introduction mode of the establishment of a One World Government – the dream of empire builders for centuries.

If you took government as a subject in high school or college, you were taught that a government, by definition, must have certain elements (with very rare exceptions), such as: 

  • A land mass;
  • A Charter, or Constitution;
  • A Chief of State;
  • A system of making laws, usually a Legislature;
  • A system of jurisprudence, or a Court;
  • A system of finance, or Banking;
  • A system of taxation;
  • A system of enforcement for taxes and decrees;
  • A military and/or police force.

So, which of the above does the United Nations not have?  They claim the planet as their land mass.  They are in the process of developing a system of taxation.  They use the soldiers of “member states” (which will become, in time, “vassal states”) to enforce their edicts. 

It will come as a surprise to some, perhaps, to know that, since 1950, virtually every military action in which Americans who have fought, bled, and died in war, were conducted under one form or another of United Nations control, the action in Granada being an exception.

The dream of a one-world government was almost realized during the great Marxist Revolution in the United States – the administration of Woodrow Wilson, in which fully half of the Communist Platform was not just suggested, but placed in effect!1  The League of Nations was set up, and did not completely cease to exist until 1946, although it was largely non-functional by 1925.  One reason for its failure was cited at the time that a nation, once joined, could withdraw if they chose.  That mistake was not repeated with the United Nations.  No nation is allowed to withdraw, once accepted.

“The UN formed a continuum with the League of Nations in general purpose, structure, and functions; many of the UN’s principal organs and related agencies were adopted from similar structures established earlier in the century.”2

It often comes as a surprise to Americans, even to soldiers serving under NATO, that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an organ of the United Nations.  Yet, one only needs to read their preamble to verify that this is so.  The current Afghanistan military operation has been handed over 100% to NATO.

The current military action in Iraq was begun because it claimed to be enforcing certain U.N. resolutions, even though there was no Security Council vote to authorize the action.  So, what we have here is the United States acting, unilaterally, to impose the dictates of the United Nations, while the UN blusters and denies that it is involved.  Either the UN is lying, or the Bush administration is lying, but both sides agree that it was UN resolutions that brought the current occupation of Iraq about.

When Americans travel abroad, they are often started at the European perspective, which is that the United Nations is a puppet of the United States, but one is hard-pressed to argue otherwise. 

So, while we delude ourselves that we are not “under the U.N.”, it becomes a moot point, if we are running the U.N., and if we are operating through the cover of U.N. authority to achieve US Empire. 

American soldiers may not be wearing blue berets (thanks to Army SPC Michael New, who lost his case, but won his war to keep American soldiers out of direct United Nation’s control – www.MikeNew.com/), but once again, the practical result has been the same – Americans in Iraq are there under United Nations’ Security Counsel Resolutions, and won’t leave without another U.N. arrangement, treaty, or occupation force to take our place.  Once the U.N. establishes a military presence in a country, it is rare, indeed, that they ever leave.  Ask the Koreans about that.

Here’s the dangerous part of the shell game.  While we all watch the military actions, the United Nations assumes each country that it invades (for their own protection) unto itself, and parcels off its infrastructure to its cronies for political payola3, and then it continues to stay on, as Big Brother, to make sure things don’t flare up again.

The problem is, if they have the authority to do it in Africa, or Eastern Europe, then they have the authority to do it in Texas, or Montana.  Geography is no defense.  It’s only a matter of time.

© 2008, Daniel D. New

Compare the Platform of Karl Marx with the accomplishments of the Wilson regime, and no other conclusion is possible.  The “Progressive  Income Tax”, Inheritance taxes, etc., were nothing less than a war on private property, and a triumph of Marxism in America.  The rest of the 20th Century was a “mopping up operation.”

A study of the Belgian Congo is a case in point, where copper mining rights were given to the family of Dag Hammarskjöld, after he was killed in a plane crash.  Command of the African Corps is apparently going to fall to Kofi Annan, as he sets up his KAIPTC.  http://www.kaiptc.org/home/