Newsletter for October, 2008

October 5th, 2008 at 4:08 pm CST


Newsletter for October, 2008


The Election of 2008 is a total disaster for all who call themselves Conservative, or who believe in the US Constitution. 

The two major parties are both Socialist to the core, although one must admit that the Democrats are more honest than the Republicans.  The platform of the Democratic Party is openly Socialist and Marxist, whereas the Republican platform pretends to be conserva-tive, when nothing could be further from the truth.  Both parties are socialist by any objective standard.

We have friends who argue vociferously that the Democrats are Marxists, but that the GOP (Group of Prostitutes) are really not Marxist, they are Fascist.  Whatever. 

The important thing is that neither party regards the U.S. Constitution as the legal bedrock upon which this nation stands.  They all seem very big on the “living document” idea – which is tantamount to saying, “I know I took a marriage vow, but you have to apply things like that in the light of any given situation – I like to think of my marriage as a ‘flexible arrangement’, in order to meet the needs of the occasion.”  Say that, out loud, to your spouse, and see what happens next.

These politicians who win elections will each one take an oath of allegiance. “to the Constitution of the United States of American, to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” etc.  Unfortunately, they: (a) have no clue what it says, and (b) don’t care. 

This is malfeasance, at the very least, and it may be worse.  It is not unreasonable for a voter to regard it as tantamount to treason. 

     Would it not be nice to see a nation in which we elect our public servants and the very first vote or action which they take which is clearly unconstitutional, we have an Impeachment Committee already formed and ready to file charges with the appropriate authorities?  This should become a topic of study.  Recall petitions and aggressive grassroots reaction teams need put the fear of The People in these unworthy employees, if we ever hope to see Liberty for our children and their children.





     The 2009 calendars are ordered, and should be here any day.  You may order one free calendar, or you may order up to ten calendars for $5 each.  These are the very sought-after Bill of Rights Calendars, with one organization charging $15 each.  To our knowledge, no other source gives them away.  (You are allowed to make a donation, to NAF, P.O. Box 307, Hico, Texas 76457.)




President/Vice President:                 Chuck Baldwin/Darrell Castle

                                                          Constitution Party


As it stands today, we are making no other specific endorsement.  However, we encourage you to vote against every incumbent in office, on general principles, unless you know that person to be an exceptional Guardian of the Constitution.  Ron Paul would be a good example of that. 


The Constitution Party has printed ballot access in 37 states, and write-in status in several others.  Texas is one of those others. 


At the very least, every single Senator and Representative who voted for the economic bailout of the mortgage industry needs to go down in defeat, even if that means voting in another socialist crook.  When you “re-elect nobody”, it takes the freshman several weeks and months to figure out where “the deals” are, and by then you should have his opponent for the next election already campaigning.


FAQ:  (You are going to have questions, and your friends will ask you, so maybe this will help you in your framing a reply.)

  • Q:  But, won’t a vote for Baldwin just be like a vote for Obama?
  • A:  What do I care, which Socialist wins this election?  The voters are being played like a fiddle, and I don’t like the tune!  I am voting my conscience.
  • Q:  You are wasting your vote, since a third party can’t win.
  • A:  That’s nonsense.  You should study the history of third parties – the Republican Party was once a third party. 
  • A:  Wait, you’re telling me that I can’t vote my conscience because he might not win?  What do you tell your children when they say, “I want to stay out all night with my friends, everyone is doing it.”???  Don’t you tell them, “I don’t care what ‘everyone’ is doing, you are going to do the right thing!?  What kind of hypocrite would I be to vote for the person I thought was more likely to win?
  • Q:  But, don’t you think that McCain might nominate a true conservative to the Supreme Court?
  • A:  I suspect that he will nominate someone less radical than Obama would, but so what?  If he’s a true strict-constructionist, you have to realize that the Senate will “Bork” him in short order. 


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