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October 3rd, 2011 at 11:54 am CST
Independent Conservative Voters

Dear Independent Conservative Voter,

Are YOU Ready to Run for Office?
A Call for Candidates - 2012

There is a powerful educational video entitled SPOILER, by James Jaeger, just released.  It is most educational, every citizen should watch it, and after some excellent history, it puts forth two fundamental premises: 

  1. If there is to be any hope of restoring Constitutional Government in this nation, it clearly will not come from either the Social Welfare Party (Democrats) or the Social Warfare Party (Republicans).  They are each so entrenched in graft and corruption that they cannot "let go of the tar baby" of Socialism and deficit spending. 
  2. The change can only be done by:


It explains a few simple steps that Independents could do to change the face of America, and therefore the world.

Why not go with a third party?  The list is long, but the bottom line is that the American People are afraid of all third parties.  The Lamestream Press and both wings of the One Big Party (OBP) with two left wings) have created that mindset, and it's a powerful one.  "Do you know what would happen," they smugly say, in sepulcher tones, since it is their mantra, "if you vote for a Third Party?  Why, the other party would win!!!!  You don't want that, do you?  Why, if that happens, it will be your fault!"  Don't tell me you've never heard anyone say that.

If you are not ready to run, as an Independent, for a political office, in 2012, then it is incumbent upon you to do the following things:

  1. Go to YouTube and watch SPOILER, a powerful political documentary produced by James Jaeger.  See if you don't agree with the arguments for why only Independents can turn this country around. 
  2. Get ten or more people in your county to watch it, either individually or as a group.  You can order copies at:  www.spoilerusa.org/
  3. All ten of you need to get very familiar with the principles set forth at www.IndependentConservativeVoters.com/
  4. Among the ten of you, FIND a candidate!  For any office, it does not matter! 
  5. Help that candidate get educated as to the process, and then help him/her to get ballot qualified and then elected.

The video, SPOILER, deals primarily with the race for president.  Well, suppose an unknown shows up, from out of the blue, and runs this miracle race.  That's above my pay grade, as they say, but you know what's not above my pay grade?  My county!  Your county is the place where you can make your impact.  When enough counties come right, the country will come right.


Let's play a zone defense next year, and take back our counties, our state reps and state senate seats, and our US congressional seats.  Our application of the plan put forth by SPOILER should essentially be the same plan that you and I have been using or discussing during the past few election cycles.  It involves finding Independent Candidates, running them in every spot on the ballot,

Here is something most Americans agree on:

Obama Must Go!

But here's the lie they will throw at you: 

A vote for an Independent is a vote for Obama.”

And here is your answer:

A vote for any RINO is just as bad as a vote for Obama.

As the SPOILER video makes clear, the last 50 years of Republican rule have solidified, not reversed the Keynesian Economics of the "progressive" socialist parties.  They have had their chances.  Far too many of them.  We've been suckered so many times by lying liberal Republicans, pretending to be conservatives, you would think we would learn. 

"Oh," you say, "but Ron Paul may win the Republican primary!"  Yes, he might, and the polar caps may melt, but don't bet the farm on it.  And if you're wrong, where is your candidate to put forth in his place?  Common sense says that we put forth our Independent candidates RIGHT NOW, before the filing deadlines in your state, and then we see what the primaries bring us.

It is YOUR duty to see to it that we have Independent and Conservative candidates on the ballot in November, 2012.

In order to make that happen, you must act in October, 2011.

  • Watch the video.
  • Develop your team of ten or more voters, preferably in your county.  (You can also get a friend in another county to do the same.)
  • Let us know you are organizing, take our simple test to help us know if the ICV team can agree in spreading the word for you, so we can help each other.  If you want to be an ICV coordinator, you must let us know so we can help you, and so we can put you in touch with others in your state!
  • Start finding candidates.  Now here's the easy way to go about this.  Ask your buddy, "George, if I could just GIVE you any political seat in this county, which one would you like to have?"  If George has law enforcement experience, he might like to be sheriff.  If a background in law, he might like to be County Judge.  A businessman might like to be County Commissioner or County Clerk.  What you're doing is setting up a shadow government for your county.  That's the first step.
  • Learn the laws in your state for ballot access as an Independent.  They're usually very easy, but even if it is tough, when you have 1,000 or more voters on your team, getting the signatures will merely be an exercise in team building, not an insurmountable hurdle.

And look, let's use common sense here.  If you have the best sheriff in the West, don't replace him, regardless of party!  If you have a fantastic county clerk, leave that seat to the incumbent.  But if they are political cronies who use their power for helping their friends and punishing their enemies, let's turn them out to pasture.  If they are constantly on the dole, begging for federal and state grants, fire them!  They are the problem!

If you have a State Rep or Senator who stands firm for Constitutional principles, then you endorse and work for him/her.  But if you have one who campaigns as a conservative, then votes for socialist measures, more State control on every aspect of your life, then turn that miscreant out to pasture!!!

MONEY — We don't want your money.  We don't need your money.  But we encourage you to put $100 in a coffee can, or start building that fund up to $100.  Hold it back — it's going to be the Gas Fund when your machine starts running!  Once you have your candidates, you are going to start building your ICV team of voters.  We'll provide you with instructions on that, and will counsel you if necessary.  But just imagine — you and nine other friends simply get ten voters to get ten voters.  Can you do that?  Yes, you can.  Want to know what you've got, if you all put $100 in the kitty to overturn the socialists in your county?  You will have a war chest of over (do the math) $100,000!  That's when you and your friends each go two levels deep, and keep the numbers averaged.  Are you ready to change your government?  Many hands make light work.

Released to ICV Members only — October 2012

Daniel D. New, Founder and National Chairman


The filing deadline in Texas is January 2, 2012.  It varies from state to state.

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