CPTexas] Constitutional Amendment Election

October 21st, 2013 at 4:49 pm CST


Dear Constitution Party Supporter,

Early Voting began, Monday, October 21st and continue until Saturday, October 26st, for the November 5th Constitutional Election.  You can have an impact on the future of Texas, by helping defeat four very bad proposed constitutional amendments. Check with your local County Elections Office for voting locations. 

You can review the Pros and Cons of all these proposed Constitutional Amendments on our website by clicking here.

We recommend that you vote NO on proposed amendments numbered 5, 6, 7, 8!

The others are alright.

As a rule, all amendments pass because people vote YES without knowing what they are voting for.  But if you and I can get just ten more voters to (A) go vote, and (B) vote NO on these four amendments, you and I can beat them. 

* Note: Texas has a new Voter ID law. Make sure you have proper identification when you go to vote. See: http://votetexas.gov/register-to-vote/need-id for more information.

Remember this - these off-year elections often give us a voice in determining our laws, and many bad ones win just because of low voter turn-out. Sometimes only 10% of eligible voters show up to vote. That means you are voting for nine other people who are too lazy or uninformed to bother voting.

Here's the Force Multiplier in the equation - if you get ONE MORE PERSON to vote with you on these recommendations, then you and your friend have the voting power of 20 no-shows! And if you get ten voters to vote with you, you are voting 100 times, and even better, you are cancelling out 99 of the Low Information Voters.

That is exciting. Just ten friends. You can do it!

On another note one of our founding members, Daniel New, will be on Raging Elephants Radio on Wednesday Oct. 23rd at 11:00AM. Daniel will be discussing the case of his son, former Army Specialist Michael New, who was court-martialed for refusing to wear a United Nations uniform. Please join the conversation in their chat room.

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