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MDO Lab Newsletter #3, Oct 2017
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Research Summaries
Summary: Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Research
On this page, we introduce aerodynamic shape optimization and summarize our research on this area, putting some of our journal articles into context. We include a video of an optimization that reinvents the supercritical airfoil starting from a circle.
Presentation: Aircraft Design via Numerical Optimization Are We There Yet? 
Optimized CRM
These slides summarize our research on aircraft design optimization. Click on the figures to see the videos and on the references to get the papers. A video of an earlier version of this presentation is also available here.

[ Slides ]      [ Video ]
Notes: VKI Lecture Series on MDO
These lecture notes are from the Von Karman Institute of Fluid Dynamics lecture series "Introduction to optimization and multidisciplinary design". Part 1 introduces general MDO approaches, and Part 2 focuses on high-fidelity aerostructural optimization of aircraft configurations.

Recent Journal Articles
Constraining buffet in wing design optimization

TACS wingbox model
We have found that aerodynamic and aerostructural optimizations for transonic aircraft tend to make the wings buffet critical. To address this, we developed a buffet constraint formulation that can be used with gradient-based optimization. The buffet prediction is validated against experimental data and a series of optimizations illustrate the consequences of constraining buffet.

Multipoint drag minimization based on aircraft operations

TACS wingbox model
In this paper, we study the effect of different multipoint drag minimization formulations, and propose a method for deriving multipoint weights based on actual aircraft operational data or flight condition probability distributions.

Recommendations for stress constraint aggregation
If you use adjoint methods, constraint aggregation provides a way to handle a large number of constraints. In this paper, we evaluate constraint aggregation methods for the stress constraints in a high-fidelity wing structural optimization problem, and provide recommendations.

Hydrofoil shape optimization considering flexibility

TACS wingbox model
Following up on our previous work on hydrodynamic shape optimization, we performed the first high-fidelity hydrostructural optimization of a hydrofoil. This takes into account the hydrofoil flexibility and the effect of the shape on both the hydrodynamics and the structural integrity. The optimized hydrofoil was built and tested, and the validation will be published in a forthcoming paper. 

CFD-based optimization of a wind turbine
Optimized CRM
This presents the first RANS-based aerodynamic shape optimization of a wind turbine with respect to detailed shape. We progress from a simple pitch and twist optimization to an optimization including 240 shape variables.
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