Subject: Your Quarterly Food Freedom Newsletter: Upcoming Events and Recent News Recap from FTCLDF

Upcoming Member Meeting, Hotline Blotter, RFID and more!

Your Quarterly Food Freedom Newsletter
Upcoming Events and Recent News Recap from FTCLDF
"We've Got Your Farmer's Back!"

Save the Date!
Annual (Zoom)
Member Meeting
March 30, 2023

Our Annual (Zoom) Member Meeting will be held at 1 p.m. EST on Thursday, March 30, 2023!
Members will receive a special Zoom link via email. Get the latest trends in food and farming regulations and have as many of your questions answered as possible. Forward your questions so we can answer them LIVE! (Meeting will be recorded and posted to Member Resources.)

New Members!
Annual Membership Drive Builds
Capacity for Change

A warm welcome to all of our new members! There's power in numbers and each year our Annual Membership Drive builds capacity to help bring legal protections and services to even more independent farmers, cottage food producers, and homesteaders. Be on the lookout for new member prize winners. Please visit our friends and supporting members online.

Litigation Outlook
FTCLDF Gearing Up for New Legal Battles

While we can't announce the details just yet, we anticipate litigation on behalf of members in the near future that has far reaching consequences. Besides the daily work we do that we detail in the Hotline Blotter (noted below), please be on the lookout for news in the coming days about the latest lawsuit FTCLDF will be filing to further the fight for food freedom. Be sure to review our most recent Action Alerts.

FTCLDF will Object to RFID
USDA-APHIS Proposed Electronic Tag Rule Will Be a Burden to Small Farmers

The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS) has extended the deadline to file comments on proposed rule to require electronic Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) for livestock. The proposed rule would require the specialized tags on all cattle and bison in the United States. There is no evidence that this is needed for disease traceability, and in fact, the proposed rule fails to account for the fact that most food safety issues are caused at processing plants, where traceability ends after slaughter. FTCLDF plans to object to the proposed rule as written. To review the rule and submit your own comment, Go here.

Hotline Blotter
Farm Raids on the Rise in FTCLDF January-February Hotline Blotter

In January and February, we fielded calls from all over the country regarding a number of farm and food business- related issues. See the blotter.

Livestock Guardians
Members-Only Webinar Now Available in Member Resources

In case you missed it, one of our most attended webinars held earlier this month is available in our Members-Only Resources. Log in to see "Protecting Your Livestock Guardian Dogs" along with many other great webinars, podcasts, and helpful articles, especially for members.
Watch webinar.

 Sunday, Mar. 26
Catch Legal Specialist
Christine Dzujna on 'For the People' Radio Show!

FTCLDF's own Legal Specialist, Christine Dzujna, will talk about the work of Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund in the first segment this Sunday on the award-winning 'For the People'. Listen Sunday.

Alexia Kulwiec
Talks Raw Butter on the Appropriate Omnivore Podcast

Episode 133: Legalizing Raw Butter Sales Across State Lines with Alexia Kulwiec of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund Listen Now
Be sure to visit FTCLDF's Campaign for Raw Food Website.

State Food Bills
See What's Changed
in Your State

Many food and food safety bills were passed in the 2022 legislative sessions, which served to either restrict or expand the ability of independent farmers and food makers to operate. See the bills closest to our mission and the implications of each. Read the full article. Be sure to review our most recent Action Alerts.

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