Subject: Wisconsin Rural Survival Act - Your chance to get involved!

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A newly formed group was founded in Wisconsin this year and is made up of farmers, activists, attorneys, and concerned citizens to push for passage of the Wisconsin Rural Revival Act. 

This bill would permit direct sales of homemade foods other than meats and poultry over 1,000 birds from a farmer or local artisan to consumers with labeling requirements but without certain other regulatory requirements that hold small farmers back. 

Passage of the bill could work to save Wisconsin’s farms, keep more food dollars in the local economy, and allow consumers access to farm fresh foods.

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This new group of activists has formed to propose the Wisconsin Rural Revival Act in part in response to the farming crisis in Wisconsin. 

Total farms in Wisconsin are down from 78,463 in 2007 to 64,793 in 2017. As of September 1, 2019, dairy farms are down to 7,559 from 15,444 in 2004. Many of the remaining farms are struggling and could be helped immensely by the ability to market foods directly to their consumers.
This group plans to begin lobbying soon and will have a website and further materials available shortly. Stay tuned for an update. 

In the meantime, please feel free to contact Elizabeth Rich at

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