Subject: What Cause Is Close To Your Heart?

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The holiday season is just around the corner. We invite you to kick it off with us on Giving Tuesday, December 3, by donating to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF)!

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving back. On the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, you’ll have the chance to join people around the world and support a cause close to your heart.

This Giving Tuesday, help us give the gift of support for our farming community. We show up every day to serve our members and protect their right to do what they do best—to produce nutrient-dense food. 2019 has been no different. 
  • In October, we filed a federal lawsuit to overturn the FDA’s ban on the interstate sale of raw butter. While the battle has only just begun, we will not rest until we win! 
  • After a nationwide search, we hired experienced litigator Alexia Kulwiec as our Executive Director.
  • We successfully defended a Michigan farm against a local government’s injunction and alleged nuisance action brought despite a strong state right-to-farm law. Though the government backed down, FTCLDF continues to represent the farm in litigation brought by neighbors.
  • We helped defeat a North Dakota bill that would have weakened the state’s food freedom law by banning the sale of refrigerated foods, fresh fruits, vegetables, and certain canned foods.
  • We successfully defended an Indiana member who ran afoul of a city ordinance that limited her ability to use regenerative agriculture techniques on her property.
  • We responded to hundreds of members who sought FTCLDF’s assistance creating herdshare agreements, navigating legal hurdles, and engaging in litigation. 
You see, we are often the only way that farmers can push back against the government, and to not be bullied. With help from you and your support for the food freedom movement, sometimes we can bully them back.

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Mark your calendars, spread the word, and stay tuned for more details!

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