Subject: WEST VIRGINIA: Act Now to Support Farm Fresh Dairy Act!

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A bill has been introduced in the West Virginia legislature that would allow direct farmer-to-consumer sales of raw milk and its products. House Bill 2643 and concurrent Senate Bill 320—the West Virginia Farm Fresh Dairy Act—would allow farmers to sell unpasteurized milk directly to informed consumers without any requirement for periodic sample testing.

Farmers would be able to sell to consumers raw milk, produced using safe milking procedures that consumers can verify. Consumers would also receive a list of safe milk handling-and-use guidelines on how to properly store and handle raw milk.

Senator Dave Sypolt, the lead Senate sponsor of the bill, has called on West Virginians to voice their support for the bill by January 31, 2020.  

Please share this alert with friends and family in West Virginia. 

See details below.

- Alexia Kulwiec, FTCLDF Executive Director
West Virginia Farm Fresh Dairy Act

1. Call your state senator and representative. Not sure who represents you? Look up who represents you in the Senate and House HERE.
2. If you'd like to further express your support, sign this online petition that can be accessed at the Real Milk for WV website HERE. Simply click on the "Resources" button to access the online petition.
3. You can also voice your support by preparing a written letter, using the sample letter below, addressed to Senator Dave Sypolt. See sample letter below.


Senator Dave Sypolt
Room 214W, Building 1
State Capitol Complex
Charleston, WV 25305

[Today’s Date]

Dear Senator Sypolt:

I am writing to express my support for (HB 2643/SB 320), the West Virginia Farm-Fresh Dairy Act. This bill would allow small family dairy farms to sell natural cow and goat milk directly to informed customers who desire farm-fresh food. There is a growing demand for unprocessed foods, and small West Virginia dairy farms should be allowed to serve it. If the law allows me to buy and eat farm-fresh eggs and vegetables directly from the farmer, then why can’t I be allowed to buy his or her milk, cheese, and butter? We need to support all of our remaining small family farms because they are an important part of our State’s heritage. Please vote to adopt this important bill.


[Your name]
[Your full mailing address]


Please submit questions by email on the Natural Milk website or contact Dave Umling directly at or 304-209-8963. Dave can answer any questions you may have regarding the bill.

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