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Giving Tuesday is Today!
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During the next 24 hours, people around the world will come together to celebrate generosity and make an impact. Will you be one of them?

For more than a decade, Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) has served farmers and consumers at the forefront of the food freedom movement in America. We are grateful for the support you’ve given. Now we’re asking for your help to continue our critical work and to help members like Aja.

Aja Yasir and her husband, Yasir Allah, grow hundreds of varieties of medicinal herbs, fruits, and vegetables at their home in Gary, Indiana. Aja practices regenerative agriculture and uses wood chips as a method to rebuild the soil, a practice of regenerative agriculture that focuses on using organic material to produce food. The City issued citations against Aja, alleging a nuisance for the use of the woodchips and other practices. FTCLDF attorney Susan Israel represented Aja in a hearing regarding the ordinance violation and eventually resolved the case with the City on terms that permit Aja to continue her important work using regenerative agriculture practices.

"My experience with Farm-to-Consumer has been great. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this without them. This (case) is not just for us; it’s for other urban farmers, who may be nervous about starting a farm. I just want everyone to be left alone, to be able to grow food."  - Aja

Are you willing to help protect members like Aja produce their own food?

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