Subject: TEXAS – Call Today to Support Home-Based Artisan Food Producers!

Dear Friend,

The Texas Cottage Foods Bill is within inches of passing, but time is running out!

SB 829 would expand options for cottage food producers to sell more types of foods in more places. It increases how much cottage food producers can sell, and protects them against harassment by local health departments. This great bill has passed the Senate and the House Public Health Committee, but still needs to get a vote by the full House.

How can you help push it through? Call your state representative ASAP!

Call now over the weekend--anytime before Monday--to urge your Representative to support SB 829. Legislators are working nonstop during the final days of the legislative session so they will receive your calls. 

You can look up your Texas State Representative HERE

About SB 829: This bill would give you more access to local, homemade foods, and it also supports local farmers who generate more revenue by supplementing fresh produce sales with prepared products like pickles, ferments, dried vegetables, and more that they can sell year-round at a higher profit margin without expensive and difficult permit requirements.

Learn more about Cottage Foods from our friends at Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance HERE

Thank you for taking action!


In good health,

Alexia Kulwiec

Executive Director


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