Subject: Ready for Your Meat Share Agreement?

Hi Friend,

We are certain that you are as excited as we are about the new meat share law in Wyoming. The Food Shares Amendment to Wyoming’s food freedom bill is effective July 2, 2020. The new law specifically provides that sales of meat pursuant to an animal share agreement does not violate the state law, and it permits the informed end consumer to purchase specific products and cuts of meats directly from local producers once they obtain an animal share by written contract with their local farmer or rancher.
Of course, we can thank our own Board member Tyler Lindholm for again pushing for food freedom and the ability of producers to sell directly to interested consumers.
If you are a rancher or farmer member in Wyoming and interested in learning more about using this meat share agreement, please be in touch by email at or phone at 703.208.FARM (3276), and we can arrange for an attorney to help you put an agreement together.

If you are not yet a member but you are interested in providing fresh and wholesome meats directly to consumers, I urge you to join now. You can join online HERE or again you can call 703.208.3276.

Thank you for your support of the FTCLDF and your support for your local food movement.

In good health,

Alexia Kulwiec
Executive Director | 703-208-FARM (3276) |
8116 Arlington Blvd Suite #263, Falls Church, VA 22042, United States
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