Subject: Ottawa County, MI: Action Alert

Dear Friend,

You are being contacted about this issue because you’re a Michigan resident. We suggest that you take action and reach out to the Township Planning Commission Board or attend the meeting only if you’re in Ottawa County.

A reader of ours in Spring Lake Township in Ottawa County alerted us of this issue.


There is a proposed rezoning of 250 agricultural acres in Ottawa County, Spring Lake Township, of which 97 acres was the Poels Blueberry Farm, until late 2022 when it was purchased by Eastbrook Homes.


The Township may have been involved in attempting the rezoning of this complete parcel (Agricultural and Rural Residential to R2, which is high density at up to four houses per acre), now expanded to 250 acres. Much of the Spring Lake and surrounding communities are resisting this 300-home development on previous agricultural land.


Many residents were not informed of the requested rezoning. Further, many of the properties within the massive rezoning do not qualify for this new rezoning designation (R2), as they are wetlands and the people now living there have no intent of giving up their property rights which they enjoy with the RR designation, and which is being forced on them without proper meetings and community involvement.

The township planning commission is holding a final vote that will decide if the rezoning will be recommended to the Trustees on May 17 at 7 pm at the Spring Lake Middle School located at 345 Hammond St, Spring Lake, MI 49456

If you are part of Ottawa County, Michigan and want this land to remain free of development and remain as a protected environment or used for further crop production, please write a letter to the planning commission board and/or attend the meeting in person.


If you are in Ottawa County, you can learn more about these activist efforts on the Facebook group page HERE, called Spring Lake Twp Citizens Group.


In good health,

Alexia Kulwiec

Executive Director


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