Subject: North Dakota – Act Now on Raw Milk Bill!

Dear Friend,

Since we last emailed you on House Bill 1515 (HB 1515), there have been positive amendments to the bill.


Originally, HB 1515 would have only permitted the sale of raw milk by North Dakota dairy farms with Grade A licenses. Before the amendments, HB 1515 also would have given authority to the Department of Agriculture to write its own rules governing the process. The bill only proposed and continues to only propose changes to the law regarding the sale of raw milk; herdshares would remain lawful.


With the proposed amendments, HB 1515 would now allow any raw dairy producer to sell raw milk to the end consumer for personal consumption. The sale could take place on the farm, at a farmer’s market, or be delivered to the consumer’s home, but not wholesale or retail. HB 1515 also would exempt producers from permits, licenses, or labeling by the Department of Health or Department of Agriculture.


HB1515 will be up for a vote the week of February 20th by the full House of Representatives. So please act now!


See action steps below and share this alert with your friends and family in North Dakota. You can find the link for this alert at


In good health,

Alexia Kulwiec

Executive Director



HB1515 will be up for a vote sometime during the week of February 20th by the full House of Representatives.


We suggest that you contact your House representatives asking them to support HB1515. Calls are more effective than emails.


If you don’t know who represents you, find out HERE



Find out more about this bill, including bill status under the "Actions" tab, on the legislature’s bill page HERE

Find out more about the amendments on this bill from North Dakota Food Freedom HERE


We will email further alerts on HB 1515 as events warrant.


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