Subject: KANSAS: Raw Milk Under Attack!

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Raw milk is currently legal to sell directly from the farm in Kansas, but the right to do so is under attack. 

In November 2019, we reported that the Kansas court ruled in a lawsuit brought by Kansas Justice Institute that the Kansas ban on advertising the sale of raw milk was unconstitutional. 

Perhaps in response, two new bills have been introduced. Senate Bill 300 (SB 300) would ban the sale of raw milk altogether, and SB 308 would place greater regulation on farms selling raw milk. 

A hearing had been scheduled on the proposed ban on raw milk but has been cancelled. Please let your Kansas senators and the members of the Senate Agriculture Committee know that you oppose this bill. We will certainly let you know if matters change and there is additional action to take.  

Please share this alert with friends and family in Kansas.

Let your Senators know that you oppose the bill! See details below.

- Alexia Kulwiec, FTCLDF Executive Director
Kansas Raw Milk

Let your senators know that it is important to you that on farm sales of raw milk remains. A phone call is much more effective than an email. And remember to keep the conversation polite and to-the-point.

Don't know who represents you? Find out who represents you HERE.

Make sure to call your senator if he/she is one of these on the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee because both bills have been referred to this committee: 

Berger, Ed
Billinger, Rick
Estes, Bud
Francisco, Marci
Kerschen, Dan
McGinn, Carolyn
Pyle, Dennis
Taylor, Mary
Ware, Mary

You can read the bill and check its status HERE.

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