Subject: Herdshares at Double J Farm 🐄 🐐

Hi Friend,
As most of you know, the sale of raw milk is federally prohibited. State-by-state laws vary widely (view our map here).

In some states, access is only permitted via a herdshare program. We are seeing more and more interested farmers looking to begin their own operations. We’re also seeing members with already established operations looking to expand to meet demand.

One of the benefits of a Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) membership is help from our expert attorneys with contractual documents—like herdshare contracts.

We are proud to help increase access to raw milk and love to learn about herdshare member success stories like FTCLDF members Joe and Janet Streit.

This week we are highlighting Joe and Janet’s herdshare operation and their success in providing wholesome, nutritious raw milk to their community in Ohio.

Read about their story HERE.

If you have questions about beginning your own herdshare program, please reach out!

- Kat

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