Subject: #GivingTuesday Is Here! We've Got Your Farmer's Back!

Today is #GivingTuesday!
We've Got Your Farmer's Back!

Designated giving days like today (#GivingTuesday) remind us to support the causes closest to our hearts. We know you appreciate the hard work and dedication of our nation's independent farmers and food producers.

It's disappointing that while the numbers of farmers' markets and consumer desire for locally-produced foods are on the rise, independent farmers and food producers across the nation experience continued resistance to local food production.

Each year you count on us to fight to expand the rights of independent farmers, cottage food producers, and concerned consumers, and each year we count on you to help us do just that.

Any amount helps! Give today, so that we can all enjoy a stronger, more localized, more diverse, and more equitable food system. We've got your farmer's back!

It's #GivingTuesday!

In 2022 we directly served more than 2,400 of our members in need of legal assistance and representation. Many of those called our 24-HOUR EMERGENCY HOTLINE in need of immediate help.

Did you know? Our members have access to a 24-hour emergency hotline in case the need arises for immediate legal advice. Having access to our specialized group of attorneys gives our members great peace of mind. We also serve by contacting state and federal government on legislative matters; issuing action alerts to sway law makers; and challenging government overreach through the courts.

If you are not yet a member of FTCLDF, we invite you to join us today to receive all of the benefits of membership. Farmers, homesteaders, artisan and cottage food producers, chefs, and concerned consumers: Your membership matters!

One minute is all it takes to process your donation to Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.  

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