Subject: Fifth Anniversary of Wyoming Food Freedom Act + New Amendment

Hi Friend,

March 3rd marked the fifth anniversary of the Wyoming Food Freedom Act (WFFA), the first in the nation!

Small food producers in Wyoming have been enjoying the freedom of legally selling foods they produced in their home kitchens or from their farms and ranches, all without any cases of foodborne illness tied to the legislation. While other states are following suit, over 40 states allow the sale of cottage foods produced in home kitchens with no or minimal regulation, but the WFFA exceeds them in scope.

And Wyoming lawmakers introduced legislation this session that would further expand the WFFA. The amendment would allow for local food producers to sell some foods like homemade jams directly to retailers and restaurants. Currently, it can be tough for producers in the state to sell their foods during the off season of farmers markets because of the distance to retailers and the bureaucratic barricades.

See the full article HERE.

We are planning an event in Wyoming for later this year to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the WFFA—stay tuned for details!

Thanks for being a part of this food freedom community.

Have a great week!

- Alexia

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