Subject: Favor from Our Allies in Improving the Food System?

Hi Friend,

I sincerely hope that this message finds you happy and healthy. I know that in these interesting times we are seeing consumers increase their demand for products and foods from sources they trust. I sincerely hope that this includes your business and that it is doing well. 

You may have noticed recently that FTCLDF has been fundraising online because of the cancellation of scheduled events. We rely on our member fees to provide services, but also donations and fundraising events held throughout the year. We understand that times are difficult for many members and donors, but our members’ response has been heartwarming so far. We are hoping that as an ally, you may be able to help.

A farmer member and I recently discussed his sharing a communication from FTCLDF to his farm’s customers as a potential source of donations during this drive. This of course got me wondering if other allies might be willing to do the same! In that particular case, the farm will likely post a notice on its website, but the communication could be an email, a letter, a Facebook post, or any combination! I would so appreciate hearing from you if you would be willing to help us in our fundraising efforts. We can help with a draft of an FTCLDF communication that lets your customers know more about Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, and how they can donate. You could then forward or post on your website or share on your social media.*

Any additional funding to help our members would go a long way. Despite COVID-19, the legal needs of small food producers has not slowed down. USDA Food Safety and Inspection Services inspections are continuing as usual. Neighbors challenge the use of livestock guardian dogs. Townships and municipalities continue to place barriers on local farmers and growers, including challenging the use of hoop houses and the commercial sale of farm products from smaller farms. Artisan food producers are being required to meet standards similar to those of large industrial producers. More and more members need help structuring their farm businesses to lawfully produce and sell meat and poultry. 

If you are willing to help with our efforts, please contact me directly and I will ensure that we work with you quickly to get this done.

While times are difficult, I am optimistic that more consumers will remain interested in wholesome products and foods and that you are a big part of the solution to a troubled American food supply.

Thank you for your consideration.

Alexia Kulwiec
Executive Director
Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

*As a 501(c)(4) non-profit, we are not able to set up a donate button on Facebook and other platforms. This is due to the lobby and policy work that advances food policy at the local, state, and federal level. Our donors recognize that giving a gift that is not tax deductible because of the policy work that we do is worth it. We hope that you agree. | 703-208-FARM (3276) |
8116 Arlington Blvd Suite #263, Falls Church, VA 22042, United States
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