Subject: FTCLDF is 100% Supportive of Food Freedom

Hi Friend,

Happy Thursday! Did anyone else enjoy the brief spring days earlier in the week? Hope you all made the best of it and soaked up some sunshine!

This summer FTCLDF will celebrate its 12th birthday! We launched on Independence Day, July 4, 2007, and for the past twelve years have been at the forefront of fighting for food freedom and protecting, defending, and broadening the rights and viability of independent farmers, artisanal food producers, and their consumers.

I recently chatted with Harvest Market, a natural foods store in Delaware, about the work FTCLDF conducts, the current food freedom climate, and the goals we have for the future. You can check out that interview HERE.

We also have a new article from Dr. Michael Fisher addressing Appealing FSIS Noncompliance Records. Click HERE to read Dr. Fisher's latest article.
As always, have a super week!

- Kat
P.S. I am working on a project and have a question for our farmer readers: 
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