Subject: Exciting Work Ahead in the New Year!

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Dear Friend,

First, I want to thank all Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) members, readers, and contributors for the work we’ve been able to accomplish together this year. If you have not yet seen the review of 2021 Accomplishments on our website, we invite you to celebrate with us as we look forward to the coming year.

As we sit on the cusp of a new year, doesn’t it feel exciting? The fresh start of a new year is invigorating as we think about the great possibilities for progress we’d like to make.

So let me say, “Happy New Year” and share the developments happening now, and some big plans we have to benefit food freedom in 2022.

FTCLDF Attorneys Fight to Protect Access and Sale of Raw Foods
In January, FTCLDF will file its appellate brief in its federal appeal of the FDA’s prohibition of the interstate sales of raw butter. As you may know, FTCLDF asked a federal district court to require the FDA to consider the request of the FTCLDF to overturn this rule. When it did not, FTCLDF asked the court to overturn the FDA decision. And now, FTCLDF is before a federal appeals court, seeking the higher court to overturn the lower court decision and overturn the FDA’s ban on this healthy product. Continuing this ban could lead the FDA to claim it can regulate other foods, prohibiting sales of rare meat or sushi! You will be hearing more from us in January as we roll out our Campaign for Raw Food.

New and Better Member Resources
In addition, FTCLDF will be launching enhanced, members’ only resources on our website in January. While the public will continue to have access to great information, and our ever-important state maps, we will have additional resources available only to our membership. This will include more details on certain regulations and business resources for members. We will continue to have public and members’ only webinars and will continue to assist members by drafting agreements with their consumers that make local distribution of farm-fresh food easier.

Increased Need and Capacity for Legal Representation
Most importantly, FTCLDF anticipates increased litigation in 2022. As farmers are working to provide healthy, locally grown food, and consumers certainly are demanding it, there are regulations and unfair enforcement that often make this very difficult. In some states regulators appear to be pushing back even where state legislators have heard the needs of producers and consumers. This is causing problems for many members, and I can think of a couple examples that could in fact be litigated in 2022.

This is our final donation request of 2021—if you have not already done so, please consider providing a year-end donation to the FTCLDF. Your support allows us to provide quality legal representation and to push for improved regulations that help small producers, farmers, and their consumers. 

Thank you again for your support as we work together to improve our food system.

In good health, 

Alexia Kulwiec
Executive Director
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