Subject: But It’s Cheaper to Just Pay the Fee

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Happy Thursday! February is flying by! Soon the daffodils will be blooming :)

This week, we’re calling attention to something that may surprise you: Municipalities sometimes bully small independent farmers and issue citations with the hope that the farmers will accept this fate and pay the fees. FTCLDF farmer members Steve and Wendy of Live Station Farm in Michigan experienced this nightmare. They bought a parcel of land in a township that was run by a mean-spirited zoning inspector who had no grasp of Michigan’s Right to Farm Act. Then they found themselves being issued useless citations and eventually misdemeanor charges.

Read Steve and Wendy's story HERE.

Farmers typically have limited resources and little or no access to attorneys who can bully the government back. That is why it is so important for farmers to have FTCLDF in their back pockets to help provide legal counseling and guidance at a moment’s notice.

Learn more HERE about FTCLDF membership and how we can have YOUR back too!
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