Subject: Attend or Watch Joel Salatin at Rogue Food Conference on January 25!

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We are excited to be a part of the Rogue Food Conference on Saturday, January 25, 2020 at the Marriott Cincinnati Airport in Hebron, Kentucky!

The theme is Circumvention Not Compliance. 

Joel Salatin will explore the question, "Why would anyone assume a government agent is more trustworthy than a neighbor?"

Our own attorney Suzy Israel will say a few words, and some other food freedom fans will speak, too.

Here’s more about the conference from Joel Salatin himself:

For the few of you who are unfamiliar with food regulations, be assured that the time has come in this country, unfortunately, where circumventing the law is more doable than complying with the law. Price, availability, and safety all hinge on consumer choice in the marketplace. Right now, consumers do not have freedom of food choice. But numerous innovative folks have figured out loop holes to gain neighbor access to food options.

So it is with extreme pleasures and gratitude that I can announce this 2020 ROGUE FOOD CONFERENCE, which will explore and publicize the numerous work-arounds within our heavily regulated food space.

We'll hear from people who sell pet food. Some have created a food church. Some operate under a non-public co-op country club arrangement. These schemes are highly creative, hated by the food police, and loved by people who, as consenting adults, gratefully enjoy the empowerment of food choice freedom. When people lament the deplorable state of American food (we lead the world in junk food) too often their only solution is more regulation, from nutrition labeling laws to food temperature requirements to licensing plans.

But another alternative exists: it's called freedom. We've tried top down regulatory oversight to change the food system, only to see it become nutrient deficient, sugar laden and sterile. It's time to try a bottom up approach with some freedom instead of bureaucracy.

I hope everyone comes.

To learn more, go to and save $20 with our code: FTC20

Can't make it to the event? Get the recordings for just $35!

We hope to see you there, too!

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