Subject: Attend This “Once-In-A-Lifetime Event": The Profitable Farm Workshop

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Profitable Farm Workshop
Hi Friend,

Are you still deciding on whether to join Joel, Elizabeth and Charlotte for the Profitable Farm Workshop in Lancaster, Kentucky on Friday, August 10? We had a terrific workshop in Oregon last weekend, and now we are excited to share the Profitable Farm Workshop with our east coast community. We heard from several attendees that the information they gleaned was invaluable and they were excited to apply it to their farm businesses. Read below for testimonials from Profitable Farm Workshop participants.

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My favorite portion of the workshop I attended in Oregon was when Joel Salatin spoke about how we as farmers and entrepreneurs take incredible risks. Jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down, hoping a safety net catches us…I live this way every day running a business. I don’t have the comforts and security that I used to have working for a company that assumes the risks and responsibilities. I can relate when he says that society and instant everything has made us, as a people, take less risks. Taking risks is incredibly scary, especially because I have 4 children and over 1,000 animals to feed. It was comforting to hear Joel speak about understanding that responsibility. To have that same understanding together, to not trip up on the challenges in front of me, but to continue to remember my purpose and why I am doing this. It was very healing to have those moments with him.  
- Wendy K., Harvest Gathering Farm, past workshop attendee (edited for clarity)

I was lucky to be able to go to this workshop last year and it was fabulous. I came back full of ideas and inspiration. I cannot recommend it enough!
- Project Zenstead, past workshop attendee

I left feeling comfortable knowing that however small my farm is, I am an integral part of a bigger farm community.
- Kirsten S., past workshop attendee 

We met and sat at the feet of our true hero in food choice.
- Jo H., past workshop attendee

This was a "Once In A Lifetime" event for me. All of the nuggets are swimming around in my head right now. Rest assured I will put them to good use in BOTH of my businesses.
- Sandy L., past workshop attendee

Meeting Joel Salatin was an opportunity that definitely delivered. A huge thanks goes out to...the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund for making this happen.
- Nathan C., past workshop attendee

The Profitable Farm Workshop in Kentucky will be another amazing opportunity and we do hope to see you there. Oh, and please forward this to all the farmers you know who are eager to build their own sustainable and profitable farms!

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Marksbury Farm Market
Event Info
Where: Marksbury Farm Market in Lancaster, Kentucky
When: Friday, August 10, 2018
Time: 9:30AM - 2:30PM
Cost: $225
What does my ticket include?
The 4-hour workshop includes a workbook, boxed lunch, and a copy of Charlotte's book, Farm Marketing from the Heart, plus additional tours and workshops!

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