Subject: Ask Iowa Governor Reynolds to Sign SF 315 for Legal Raw Milk

Dear Friend,

Senate File 315 (SF 315) passed the full House and now will go to the Governor for signature and then become law.


SF 315 if signed would allow the sale of raw milk and raw milk products at a raw milk dairy farm without licensing (note, however, that “home food processing establishments” regulated by the state may not sell or distribute raw milk). Only 10 animals actively producing milk would be allowed and there would be certain monthly testing and labelling requirements as well as a requirement that the animals be examined once a year by a veterinarian. In addition, raw milk dairies would be allowed to advertise, and delivery to customers would be allowed as long as delivery does not take place at a retail location where food is sold.


The bill would also appear to allow the distribution of raw milk and raw milk products to the final customer “with or without charge,” suggesting that herd share agreements might be permitted.


Currently in Iowa, only Grade A pasteurized milk and milk products may be sold to the final consumer and there is no law on herd shares. SF 315 would increase access to raw milk in the state.


See action steps below and share this alert with your friends and family in Iowa.


In good health,

Alexia Kulwiec

Executive Director



Please contact the Governor and kindly ask for her support of this bill. Consider including in your message any of the Talking Points below. And let her know how excited you are that the bill has come so far and of the prospect of access to fresh milk becoming reality.


You can either "register your opinion" HERE 


Or send a positive handwritten card to this address:


Office of the Governor

Attn: Governor Reynolds

Iowa State Capitol

1007 East Grand Avenue

Des Moines, IA 50319


Here’s a sample message template:


Dear Governor Reynolds,

My name is ______. Please support bill SF315 which would legalize access to raw milk in our state. Here are a few reasons why I would like this bill to become law:

[See Talking Points below for inspiration]



1. How would passage of this bill benefit you and your family? Briefly explain.


2. Raw milk is a healthy, nutrient rich food with a good track record for safety. According to at least one study, the number of illnesses attributed to raw milk consumption has declined as demand for the product has increased.


3. Passage of SF 315 will keep more of the food dollar in the state economy. With the sale of raw milk being legal in all of Iowa’s bordering states, there are lost revenues.


4. Passage of SF 315 would enable family farmers to make a better living. Raw milk in other states is often the product that first draws the consumer to set foot on the farm leading to sales of other foods such as meat, poultry, eggs, and produce.


5. The bill supports consumer choice. Like citizens of other states, Iowans should be able to access the products of their choice in Iowa rather than crossing state lines.


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