Subject: Are you a FOOD FREEDOM Activist?

Hi Friend,

Happy Thursday and Happy Spring!

The farming season is revving up; it's also a busy time of year for legislation in many states. FTCLDF is a 501(c)(4) nationwide nonprofit organization, allowing us to lobby freely. Part of our mission is to help make laws more favorable for our members and fight against laws that would harm our members. We routinely share bills with our readers that they may find of interest, and often ask supporters to take action!

Check out this week's post HERE about how to be a Food Freedom Activist!

If you know of a food-freedom-related bill in your state or on the federal level that you think our readers and members may like to know about, please Contact Us. Our Policy Committee would love to review it. To see bills that we’ve emailed our readers about so far in 2019, check out our action alerts page.
As always, have a super week!

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